Clorox Clean Up Cleaner + Bleach

Clorox Clean Up Cleaner + Bleach

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I use Clorox Cleanup for my bathrooms and kitchen. It does a great job of cleaning and everything smells so fresh.

Cleans like nobther This is by far the best cleaner for the bathroom. Every thing sparkles when I'm done, and germ free.

Easy to clean your bathroom I don't like bleach smell, but this one does not have bleach smell and it did clean the bathroom

Amazing Bathroom Cleaner My favorite bathroom cleaner! It cleans my tile and grout better than any other product I've tried.

Works well Gets the job done. Use it nearly in all my rooms. Great to have on hamd.

You can sanitize dirt with this stuff not going to lie I grabbed it to kill a bug not realizing what exactly I grabbed, I sprayed it once and my whole house smelled like a hospital. The germs were cleaned out of my nose that day. Not a single little booger cell, covid cell, flu cell lives or survives in this house. I'm about ready to go get a holster for it.

Clorox Cleanup does a wonderful job at keeping my bathroom clean and smelling great! It is not real expensive and works wonders on keeping my shower clean!

Amazing Cleaner Hands down - the best cleaner. So thankful I had a Costco size refill before Covid hit. Works great and leaves everything nice and disinfected!

Clorox clean-up is very effective for cleaning and surface cleaning or the kitchen. Just make sure windows are open for venting as the fumes are strong. Clorox clean-up is great for quick daily cleaning throughout many spaces and leaves a nice scent.

Clean and Safe! This year I have relied on Clorox Cleaner + Bleach for peace of mind. It?s a great product and I trust it!

Amazing We use this at work and I use this at home, and it is by far my ultimate most favorite cleaning product! It cleans great and leaves everything smelling clean! I love it !

Clorox Needs To Increase production I would give this a higher rating if I could buy it. Clorox products have been scarce all year. Other companies faced the same thing but managed to finally get their products back on the shelves. I also don't like the way the price went up during the pandemic. This could be the sellers doing this. I don't know. I like this and bought it for years but I think the company could do better with upping the production. it's been almost a year now.

love how this cleans although the scent is very strong.

Can't list them all! I use this for so many things it's hard to list them all. I ran out about 2 months ago and everyone was out of stock, checked every day until Sam's Club had it in stock & ordered immediately. Happy me.

It's literally the only cleaner and disinfectant you will ever need.