Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover

Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover

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Works but not the best This make up remover works well but leaves a greasy feeling on your eyes and don?t get it into your eyes too. It works just wash your face when your done.

Best makeup remover I love this product. I don?t wear makeup very often burn when I do this is my go to for removal. It?s gentle and so easy to use.

Classic staple I have used this product for years because it works!! It melts my eye makeup and anything waterproof making it so easy to wash my face. I have no problems with irritation or residue. It doesn't make my skin feel greasy or dry. You really need this if you wear makeup!

GREAT PRODUCT! I always use CLINIQUE TAKE THE DAY OFF Makeup Remover for lids, lashes & lips. Very gently removes my makeup and doesn't irritate my skin! Without fragrance. This product comes in 2 different sizes: 4.2 fl. oz. ( $21) and 6.7 fl. oz. ( $28.50). CLINIQUE always has great deals. I usually make all purchases on the official website!

Great Make-up Remover Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover is a great product. I don't know if I would go as far as to say the best, although I have not found one better, but it does the job and leaves the skin with a kinda baby oil soft finish. It does have a bit of an oily after effect, I think to be gentile on the ski, but that is quickly removed when you wash your face so its not a big issue for me. I love it, I use it regularly and I have yet to find something I like more.

The ONLY Makeup Remover you will NEED I have been using this makeup remover since I was old enough to wear makeup. My mother being a former model, lived by the stuff and so do I!

Love It Removes makeup easily and quickly! My skin felt moisturized after using! There was no irritation or redness!

My new go-to eye makeup remover Since I started wearing eye makeup, I've been loyal to Abolene. But when I switched to a better mascara that didn't flake and smear during the day (Benefit's They're Real - best mascara ever btw), my veteran eye-makeup remover wasn't doing the job; I had to rub the Abolene so much over my eyes that they got irritated, and the mascara still lingered. So I tried one of the numerous sample containers of Clinique's Take the Day Off eye makeup remover. I was beyond pleasantly surprised; I was shocked at how easily and quickly I was able to remove eye makeup that had seemingly been magnetized to my face. I don't even need to rub excessively or with much pressure. It's very gentle on my hyper-sensitive ginger skin, and a very little goes a long way. The best part is you probably don't even need to fork out any money to actually purchase the product: samples are in ample supply when you purchase other clinique products or if you're a Sephora Beauty Insider member. So it's more than worth any penny. An important note: like any heavy duty eye makeup remover, make sure you wash your face after and before reapplying eye makeup, otherwise you'll be left with oil build up. A good cleanser easily rinses all residue away. For any product to sever my 20 year loyalty to Abolene is quite a feat. I highly recommend!

Amazing Best makeup remover ever, and it is pretty gentle too. I love that this doesn't burn or make your face red

I have insanely sensitive skin, particularly around my eyes. Many eye makeup removes cause my skin to dry out and even cause rashes. I've never had an issue with this one.

Best of the best This is by far my favorite makeup remover. Removes black eyeliner and mascara, and does a really good job of removing waterproof mascara as well. Does leave the skin a little oily feeling, but I always wash my face afterwards anyway. I prefer to use the circular flat cotton pads for removal instead of a cotton ball or swab.

Clean slate Love this product, not only is clinique a good product but my girlfriend has exima and other products make her break out and have red spots on her face. This works great for her considering she is a performer and has to wear makeup when she goes to work. It's great for a new start.

Best eye makeup remover I've found. Takes off eyeliner and shadows very well. Doesn't tale off all my mascara but nothing I've tried ever does so I'm happy with what it does. Doesn't sting if it does happen to get in my eye. Doesn't leave an oily residue either.

honestly I like the fact that it removes all water proof make up but unfortunately I do not use waterproof make up remover so when I bought this it left my face feeling oily and since it took for ever to wash my face separately after I used it it left my face very dry I had a chapped face for almost a month. worst experience I ever had and to make matters worst it was my first time using Clinique

Great makeup remover for sensitive skin. It doesn't burn your skin or eyes yet it is really affective and very easy to use