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  • Nicole409 By  Nicole409    

    Has the right amount of color.

    This lip gloss is the best!! It has just the right amount of color and it lasts for hours.

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  • AngelWigginton By  AngelWigginton    

    I love the shine and what it does for my lips. Would only complain that it feels a little thick at first, but would still highly recommend!

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  • Sixjohnsons By  Sixjohnsons    

    I like the shine and it stays on quite a while! A bit sticky but love the subtle tint.

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  • computergeek82a By  computergeek82a    

    I love using Clinque's lip gloss. It has a nice shine to it and great color too. My favorite color is Cabana Crush because of the way it makes my lips look and it goes great with my complexion.

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  • onenac By  onenac    

    I like it. Its a good Lip Gloss

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  • flgirl By  flgirl    

    I have this in raspberry and I just love it. It is just the right amount of color and it is shiny, but not too sticky. I doesn't have a smell that I can discern from it. i travels well and it is fairly in expensive.

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  • Kellie2012 By  Kellie2012    

    I'm a lipgloss junky, so I've pretty much purchased every brand imaginable. Clinique's lipgloss happens to be one of my favorites. It adds the perfect amount of sheen, color and moisture to my lips.

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  • acohen By  acohen    

    Really lovely color and scent- very sticky.

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  • AlwaysForever By  AlwaysForever    

    Works well and good for sensitive lips ( It is one of the few things my mom can use).

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  • kfd6866 By  kfd6866    

    One of the better glosses I have used. It lasts a long time on my lips, and they feel much softer after applying.

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  • umana22 By  umana22    

    this gloss is too thick and comes on to sticky but overall breat pigments

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  • arobertson4 By  arobertson4    

    This gloss does last a while but I think personally that it is super-sticky. Its thick and it migrates from my lips. I think I will stick with Buxom

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