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  • CandRsmom By  CandRsmom    

    I love this! It has really helped my dark spots fade, even on my chest! Leaves my skin feeling very, very silky. It is a bit expensive, but worth the price!!

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  • Sixjohnsons By  Sixjohnsons    

    I began only applying to troubled areas. Clinique instructed to use all over as "the dark spot might originate from deep in another area" and under moisturizer. Took their advice and noticed shrinking on my worst troubled spot, but not impressed. I do like how it feels on my face.

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  • freebies4me85 By  freebies4me85    

    Very expensive and I had used this for over three month's. it started to work ans started to lighten a little bit and then no more luck with it. total waste of money

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  • kara331 By  kara331    

    didn't work for me and I gave it a month and that was it

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  • sonyjean By  sonyjean    

    I tried this when it first came out and it smelt like poo . So I took it back. I never got a chance to see if it would work for me.

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  • Gail100 By  Gail100    

    this is very works we;;

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  • allanawhite By  allanawhite    

    I have been using this product on my sensitive skin for two weeks and I already see a difference. It is important to use a very good sunscreen with this product. I have not had any sensitivity or peeling or redness from using it and my skin feels more supple and clearer.

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  • angelthatsins By  angelthatsins    

    At first it was great and worked so well but then after awhile my skin got used to the product.. I'm not crazy about it.

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  • cleanliving By  cleanliving    

    I used this product for 8 weeks and saw no difference. A lot of promises no results.

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  • Sweetelbell By  Sweetelbell    

    I found this product to be just ok. I like the way it goes on my skin does not interfer with my make up or creme. Was hoping for better results

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  • mitzi711 By  mitzi711    

    I have been using this product for about 7 weeks now and have noticed that my dark spots have begun to lighten up. I am anxious to see if they dissapear with continued use.

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  • liz_guevara09 By  liz_guevara09    

    it didnt do anything to my skin at all.. i prefer palmers dark spot fade cream.. you see way better results for 1/10 of the price.

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  • benay89 By  benay89    

    i used it it helped a little but not like i expected at all

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  • arobertson4 By  arobertson4    

    I bought this because I have an uneven skin tone. I used it daily for 5 months and did not notice any change at all. Its a lot of money for little results. The only good thing I can say about it is that it didnt dry my skin out like other tone correctors often do.

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