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    very nice product. have been using this since a year and my eyes feel fresh every time i use it. little costly but the product lasts you long.

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  • Dollys By  Dollys    

    I love clinique!!! Its amazing on my skin.

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  • katiehathaway By  katiehathaway    

    awesome for oily and acne prone skin!

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  • NildaPadua By  NildaPadua    

    It's great for skins that may have conditions

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  • angel437 By  angel437    

    I love Clinique! I use it daily. My mother and grandmother used them too. Clinique products have never steered me wrong.

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  • frappegirl By  frappegirl    

    I love Clinique, it is great for people who have allergic reactions to make up!

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  • makeuplover By  makeuplover    

    I love Clinique as well, it's never steered me wrong.

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  • sillycat By  sillycat    

    i have used this make up and it is a great product. clinique makes great make up and skin care. this foundation is great. its light easy to apply and goes on smooth. its worth the cost 100%

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  • reddach62 By  reddach62    

    I have tried every product known to mankind from covergirl to bobby brown. I have tried this light weight foundation before and i really love it. Its very light and doesn't clog my pores (which is amazing i have problems with acne) it also does not have that orange color that a lot of the other companies foundations seem to have. Trust me with foundation you get what you pay for and going with a professional brand like clinique is worth every cent! plus usually if you spend 25 or more you get a free gift bag field with goodies!!!

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