Clinique Clarifying Lotion

Clinique Clarifying Lotion

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Squeaky clean skin results This is in my arsenal for cleansing residual of layers of sunscreen and moisturizer from my face but I have to be careful with this item because if over used or too much rubbing it can cause redness. I have switched to using the more sensitive skin solution.

Helped with my skin problems.

I used this product for about a year when I felt that the effects weren't as strong. My face started breaking out when I went to college and the hard water destroyed my face. This definitely helped and highly cut back my breakouts. However the effects stopped and my breakouts became worse as I got more accustomed to the product. I did use all three steps in their acne collection. Good product; just maybe not for me.

I love this toner(lotion)!! It cleans everything your cleanser doesnt right off. also helps to control oil and zits. Works GREAT!! will always re-purchase

Been using this since I was a teenager, about 15 years. Love it!

I have used clinque clarifying lotion for over 10 years and it helps keep my face clean and clear. I have the #2 which is just right for my skin, not too drying but not to moisturizing either. I have tried drug store brands of toner, but always come back to clinque. It is worth the extra money.

I have used this product daily for years. Combined with the Clinique face soap and lotion my skin has made a dramatic improvement. My face feels cleaner and I have much fewer breakouts.

I really love this and use it nightly. Even though I've gotten older over the years, Clinique Clarifying Lotion still does a nice job as a toner for my older skin.

This product is great! I have been using it for a while now and works great! Really gets skin clean.

This is a wonderful clarifying lotion. I have been using it for years!

I've always thought that toners/clarifying lotions are a wasted step in my skincare routine. This product doesn't change my opinion about that! Can't really notice any benefit from using it - but it is a bit refreshing and smells nice... ?!?

I love the mild (alcohol free) one. I have been using it for three years now and have not had a problem with it.It tones and exfoliates my sensitive , acne prone, combination skin without irritation. If the 1-4 CL have been troublesome or you are looking for a good alcohol free toner try this one.

I have tried two different versions of the clarifying lotion and both left my skin feeling dried out. While it did seem to remove dirt from my face even after washing, it left a mild burning feeling for about a minute or so. I have heard in the past that you need to allow your skin to get used to something first - I used one bottle (large size) in full and 1/2 of the 2nd bottle. I stopped using it because my skin felt bad.