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  • makeupaficionado22 By  makeupaficionado22    

    I love this product however you really do have to use it up rather quick or it will dry on you. But nothing a little fix+ on a liner brush or even water won't fix. The color goes on smooth and you can do a basic line or winged liner look with this product.

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  • Lannah86 By  Lannah86    

    It's my favorite eyeliner ever!!! It works very well. Only thing I could say is that with top liner it smears.

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  • Kellies By  Kellies    

    Great product!i got the brown color in limited edition and i love it!easy to use and you can't do it wrong with the thin brush!easiest eyeliner ever!thumps up clinique!

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  • sasha1085 By  sasha1085    

    This gel liner is comparable to more expensive ones. It is smudge proof and even comes with its own brush. Clinique occasionally offers limited addition colors.

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  • kara331 By  kara331    

    I love this product, it's a bit hard to put on at first but with the right brushes it gets easier. Also I use a regular liner for the bottom lid.

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  • MissB22 By  MissB22    

    LOVE IT! Stays put and doesnt fade!

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  • tufftiff By  tufftiff    

    Awesome>>>>> love this liner! was the first cream liner i used, ive been hooked ever sense! Stays very well, colors are very nice and vibrant! Little pricey but well worth it!!! LOve LOVe!

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  • kandiamc87 By  kandiamc87    

    This lasts a long time. I bought one last July and it's now January and I still have half a container of eyeliner. The brush is a little to small though, but you can always purchase a larger one. It's a little pricey at first glance, but overall you save money from not having to buy more eyeliner as often. This is a must have to do your top eyelid. Its no where near as messy as liquid liners and its not hard to keep straight like the pencil. I recommend it to every woman. And it comes in different colors.

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