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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    Gives you a smooth color and is really light.

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  • sasha1085 By  sasha1085    

    Very convenient blush product. I wish more colors were offered though and it can sometimes be hard to blend.

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  • lush_life By  lush_life    

    I like the convenience - drop it in your briefcase, easy to carry around as a lipstick tube, no brush to keep track of, and simple to freshen up at the airport, in between meetings, etc.

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  • kalexander1710 By  kalexander1710    

    I got this product as part of a sample set from clinique and at first I was disappointed because I was given the wrong set. I don't use cream blush so I thought, I will never use this. But I actually tried it and I really really like it. The color is nice, it gives a perfect amount of pigment as long as you don't put too much. It is very pigmented so you kind of have to be careful about how much you put on. It is long wearing. I just think its a great product and I'm actually pretty satisfied with it

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  • ashxcash By  ashxcash    

    i love their blushes, theyre pigmented well and have the perfect shade for just about everyone!

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  • Sweet_Tea By  Sweet_Tea    

    This product has surprised me. I am not a cream blush fan and I typically use a powder blush. I received the Clinque Rosy Blush as a sample with a order from an online beauty products store. It was a substitute for a different cream blush so I was disappointed at first. That disappointment quickly faded with the first use. This is a nice subtle color and looks very natural on your skin. The texture of the product is very nice and it blends very easy! I love the subtle makes your cheeks look flushed rather than made up. For those who want a more intense color, it is easy to add more color by adding a second or even third application of the product. I think this product is actually marketed to "older skin". I am 41 and my skin is in pretty decent condition. I have combination skin with most of my face being normal but I do have an oily T-zone. I think this product would be suitable for most any age and for all levels of make-up diva - from the rookie to the make-up pro!

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