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  • lowgee82 By  lowgee82    

    This shampoo is the best dandruff shampoo! It is sooo good. it smells excellent and does such a good job! I am a female but i use this shampoo. It does go great for my hair. Definitely great stuff that you cannot always find

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  • TheTruth By  TheTruth    

    Flake Free

    My hair was extremely dry and itchy at one point so I decided to buy this & it defiantly helped. Of course I had to do a lot more to my hair in order to make it healthy again but this was a good start to the healing process. Would recommend buying another conditioner along with this tho (I have curly hair so need extra hydration)

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  • hotwhllvr79 By  hotwhllvr79    

    I purchased this product at a super price on clearance and with a coupon. My boyfriend suffers from flaking, and I myself often have build-up that sometimes leads to itching. I use Head and Shoulders as does he. I used this product also, as I could care less if it's for men. It actually has a more womanly scent, to be honest. It is no better or worse than H&S except for the more pleasant smell, which your significant other may or may not be opposed to. It has Ginseng and Mint, and is a scalp hydrator.

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