Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser

Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser

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Love this cleanser. It works great for my skin type.

I have tryed the Equate version i think there fine but the equate is cheeper and its also oil free

Love their Finishes product. The one minute facial they used to sell was awesome.

good clean feeling not so keen on the scent

This product is great. My son uses it and it definately helps with his acne.

I use this product because I still get zits and blackheads, and I break-out often, I really like, It takes all the oil off of your skin and makes your skin feel new and clean, and clear, I love this product, I used to use clearisil, but I never worked for me.

Like someone else said, this product left me with a squeeky feeling. It didn't overly dry my face but it was still dry. It makes your face feel almost too clean but I guess it gets the job done. I apply lotion afterward so it's not a huge problem.

i have this for many years i love how leaves your skin so clean . its smells great .

I am prone to break outs, I have been using this product for about 6 months now to remove make up and wash away any dirt or oils, and i have to say it works very well for me, i have notice less breakouts.

I used this product once in the past and only remembered because of the smell, its like medicine, you can handle it but its none too pleasant. It gave my face that squeeky feeling meaning it was over drying too much. And it felt like I was putting acid on my face, it burned for a good hour! I never had sensitive skin before but I guess this past winter did a number on me.