Clean & Clear Morning Burst Surge

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Surge

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I love this I still have it and won't ever go back to any other cleansor

this reminds me of the repackaged version of the blackhead one. sure its in a nice better color, but the blackhead one cost only $11 so it was cheaper and the grip is better. it did make my skin smooth, but then it also irritated it and made it red. i use this once a week...

This is an amazing product, and at $15 dollars (which includes two weeks' worth of cleansing pads), it's such a steal! The Surge is a vibrating facial scrubber. It comes with the battery (one double A), two weeks worth of cleansing pads, and of course the unit itself. You attach one of the facial pads to the vibrating unit, dampen it, wet your face, and then use the vibrating scrubber to wash your face. The result is a smooth, clean face and a wonderful tingling and refreshing fragrance while using it. Prior to using this product, my skin was oily and yet still dry and flaky/patchy in certain areas. After using this product for only a few days, my complexion has improved greatly.