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  • heartinwv95 By  heartinwv95    

    They get the job done, but DAMN do they burn the skin around my eyes and leave my face feeling like a greasy mess. I have to wash twice to get the residue from the wipe off, and then wait about ten minutes before my eyes stop tingling.

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  • loferg615 By  loferg615    

    Gentle and easy way to get make-up off

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  • Ohhdeerr By  Ohhdeerr    

    Works great to remove eye make-up before I use my Clarisonic.

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  • isie_14 By  isie_14    

    I absolutely love this I use this when I wake up and before I go to bed and it made my acne clear up really good I had tried other products and none worked until I tried clean & clear.

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  • TheIndustryChic By  TheIndustryChic    

    These are great for taking makeup off at the end of the night. With other compaines I use two wipes but Clean & Clear is so effective, I am able to use one and feel confident that my face is clean. My only negative is that they could stand to be a little more "wet".

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  • hrlmercygirl By  hrlmercygirl    

    I am in theater and needed something to take stage makeup off quickly between scenes without destroying my skin! These are GREAT!! Convenient AND gentle -- oh, and they take the makeup off too!!

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  • abbygabbie By  abbygabbie    

    GREAT Product!! Works great on taking off eye make up, very mild

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  • samburris By  samburris    

    These wipes are great! They work really well for getting off the makeup and they are easy to use! I also find that the cleanser rinses off well and doesn't leave your face with a film over it! I especially love these for traveling!

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  • iluvsamples By  iluvsamples    

    Wonderful product! I have combination skin and also used lots of mascara. These cloths quickly disolve the mascara and leave my skin soft and oil free. They aren't overly "wet" so it doesn't get into your eyes causing any irritation. Would def buy them again!

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  • Memoryk85 By  Memoryk85    

    I would love to try it I have oily skin and getting my makeup off can be rough.

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  • stephainenz By  stephainenz    

    i never try but looks really practive!

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  • darkeyes912 By  darkeyes912    

    Just got a sample of these and they're great. I have very sensitive sking and these remove all my makeup and don't dry out my skin or cause any sort of reaction at all.

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  • MrsDeSimone By  MrsDeSimone    

    I love this product, I keep a small pack in my purse at all times for emergencies. They are great for traveling, overnighting and on the go mascara running, smudged lipstick emergencies.

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  • funKat By  funKat    

    I agree with leenayoung! i think this product is definitely useful for oily skin. As for me,.. I have combination skin. I might use this one as well, though it's quite costly.

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  • Island_hibiscus By  Island_hibiscus    

    I also received these as a Bzz Agent. I'm not one to wash my face at night (I use very little makeup) but when I need to wash my face quickly, these do a great job of removing dirt, grime, oil and makeup. I've used another brand of eye makeup remover that's so oily I have to wash my face to remove the oil from my eyes (defeating the purpose!), but these wipes are not oily at all. I don't use them very often, so I've noticed that the package is getting a little bit dry, even though I'm very careful about sealing it. I suppose this wouldn't be an issue for someone who uses these daily and goes through the package quickly.

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