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  • MermaidGlitter By  MermaidGlitter    

    It's an acne cleanser... not a miracle worker.

    I have tried like every acne product you could imagine. I have paid $1-$100 for a single ance cleaner/product. I have never truly found one that makes me say yes, that's the one. This one is the same way. It cleans my face and if I forget to clean my face one day, I will have a itty bitty pimple pop up. I am still on the search for the acne cleanser that works for me.... Will update you when I find it.

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  • corabishop By  corabishop    

    Works great! Within 3 days, my son's acne on his forehead cleared up! I would definitely recommend to friends and family!!

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  • meldanielle89 By  meldanielle89    

    I love this face wash. The smell is amazing...light and flowery but not too strong. My boyfriend loves taking showers with me and comments on it every time I use it. He loves how it smells just as much. It does work well in cleaning skin but I wouldnt recommend it for those with more severe acne. It works great with mild acne.

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