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  • alou18 By  alou18    

    Dr recommended this for my child and she had an allergic reaction to it. She developed a rash.

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  • amberoo1981 By  amberoo1981    

    The Claritin kids chewables are great.I love that they are chewable.The seem to start working pretty quickly.

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  • Thumberlina639 By  Thumberlina639    

    Good product

    I have used this product in the last few day and it works great for me even though it's for children. It has a great taste sweet love the flavor and overall helps tame my allergies.

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  • Speedyfroogie By  Speedyfroogie    

    My son has really bad allergies and Claritin Chewables are great! They help relieve his symptoms and they are great tasting so easy to take without the fighting !

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  • Hrcowart77 By  Hrcowart77    

    This is amazing my son has allergy a and he takes this and it helps tremendously, with no problems throughout the day. I highly recommend it.

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  • longqt By  longqt    

    This is definitely a life saver for my 8 year old with seasonal allergies. It is just really $$$,

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  • supermamalatina By  supermamalatina    

    Works very well, my oldest son is allergic I'm been using this product for a while and I already see a improvement. He is now healthy before he was always in bed. Try it. !

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  • angiecotes By  angiecotes    

    Works great, I give it to my daughter ( she's really allergic) when in contact with animals

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  • Qurshid By  Qurshid    

    My daughter suffers from the seasonal allergies with runny nose,sneezing and throat ache.After giving her the children's Claritin chewable she is feeling great.It product acts really fast and very useful.

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  • jkelly821 By  jkelly821    

    My son has seasonal allergies that begin to act up in the Spring and early Summer. We have tried the Claritin chewables and these are the ones that he responds best to, do not cause drowsiness, and get him feeling back to normal the fastest. And he LOVES the flavor. Probably one of the only "medicines" that he requests and reminds me to give him.

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  • nanna3 By  nanna3    

    I like this product alot. It seemed to do the trick no sneezing, watery eyes and running nose!

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  • angelfire1267 By  angelfire1267    

    My son loves this beacuse he knows that it helps him, "Be able to breath air."

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  • begemot By  begemot    

    It was much better than the other anitallergy pills I have tried...non drowsy, great taste releves the symptoms more successfully.

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  • happymommy28 By  happymommy28    

    My son has fairly bad allergies and we tried these hoping it would help. They did help, but every time he took them he had terrible nightmares. My son has always been a fantastic sleeper and just started having the terrible nightmares waking up and screaming. We asked our Pedi and he said that it could be from the Claritin, and he gave us a prescription for another type of allergy medicine and it has been great no more nightmares!

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  • butterflynda By  butterflynda    

    Three of my children have pretty severe allergies, due to the grogginess of most products we had to choose between the grogginess or the reaction to the allergens. When this product became available for children, it was tried for a weekend while out of school and the kids played, laughed, and enjoyed themselves without symptoms and without sleeping half way through.

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