Clarisonic Skincare Brush

Clarisonic Skincare Brush

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The holy grail of facial cleansing devices Clarisonic is the best electric facial brush I have ever used! It is truly a wonderful device to have for exfoliation and cleansing!

Love This device is so helpful while cleaning my face at night. I feel thoroughly cleansed after using this

Pampering tool This is a great tool to make my skin beautiful as well as enjoy a pampering moment!

Leaves my skin smooth I use this every morning. I love this brush. It leaves my skin so clean and smooth. Its worth the money.

Okay so i love this my face is baby butt soft and pimple free i just love it.

Owned for years! Still Love It!!! I have owned a Clarisonic for years and it is still my favorite facial tool! I use the cashmere brush head which is a gentle exfoliation and my face always feels clean.

MIA 2 I have the clairsonic MIA 2, and O M G it has saved my skin, I swear. The only thing is do NOT use it every day IMO. It broke me out at first because I did and I thought it was all a gimic-then I cut down to twice a week and have had way less skin issues since then. I love my MIA it's totally HG.

I don't think I'll ever find anything that compares. I used to have really bad skin and it was as if nothing worked to get rid of it until I started using the clarisonic, I do notice the battery doesn't hold its charge as much as I'd like it too however still an amazing life changing product

Love using the Clarisonic on my skin! It makes it feel so clean and smooth after I use it!

I love how it leaves my skin. Worth it.

I've had mine for over a year. I don't see a drastic difference, but there is a difference. My skin does feel softer but i do see some flaky skin sometimes that should have been scrubbed away from the Clarisonic.

I splurged on this product about a year ago, and I have never regretted the purchase! I really feel like it does a great job exfoliating, and my skin is smoother than it has ever been before. It is a bit on the pricey side, but so worth it to pamper yourself!

My Clarisonic is one beauty product I cannot live without. I use it every morning and evening and it has made a huge difference with the clarity and texture of my skin. It is absolutely worth the investment and can be used with any facial cleansing product you choose. It really goes deeply into your pores to clean out the dirt and build-up that causes clogged pores. It's a must for your skincare regime!

I absolutely love this wonderful invention! My skin has never felt cleaner and clearer. I have sensitive skin so I was concerned at first how my skin would react. I had no reactions and I would recommend this product to anyone! Don't fall for the other brands that try to imitate because they don't hold a candle to this little miracle!

I am so thrilled that I spent the money on this! It's definately an investment, but completely worth it. I've struggled with blackheads on my nose for years and within just a few days of using my Clarisonic there was a huge improvment. My skin has never felt cleaner or softer. I love the ability to change the power strength and the timer settings. I've now been using this for a few years and had to rave some more about it! Before Clarisonic I had large pores - I mean they were so large that when I used liquid foundation it would settle into my pores so badly that I had polka dots!! After a few months of using my Clarisonic every day (some times twice a day, but usually just once) that my large pores are so much smaller! It's really been a dramatic difference. I had tried so many cleansers, masks, exfoliators, etc to deal with my pores and nothing really worked. I know this is a large investment, but it's really worth it if you can afford it. I've seen a major difference in my fine lines and wrinkles as well and my skin just looks better over all. Plus it feels good on my skin while I'm using it. I had always read that you should wash your face for two minutes, but I'm sure I wasn't washing for that long. With the different settings you can set it for a solid two minutes, or the way I like is to set it to beep to tell you when to change zones on your face. I would give it two hundred stars if I could!!