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  • Puremichiganmomma By  Puremichiganmomma    

    Fun Beauty Gadget

    If you're looking for a good deep clean without using a scrub look no further. Definitly not an everyday use for me but great for a good deep clean. Also the body scrubbing heads are good for the occasional chest/back flare up. Charge holds forever, and it comes in lots of cute colors and patterns.

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  • Sm210038 By  Sm210038    

    Great product! I bought mine from Sephora over a year ago and it is still in great shape, especially because of the replaceable brush heads. Deep cleanses just like it says it does.

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  • SandyEggo By  SandyEggo    

    Great upgrade from the Mia

    Great face product!! I was gifted my first Clarisonic a few years ago and I replaced it with the Mia 2 last year. I really like this version of Mia because of the two speed feature and compatibility with other brush heads. I personally use the sensitive skin and radiance head for face cleansing as well as the foundation/makeup head for blending. The unit holds a charge for over a month with nightly use. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a deeper clean.

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  • Gmax123 By  Gmax123    

    Say hello to better skin

    I love skincare, but I am not one to spend a lot of money on it. After biting the bullet and buying the clarasonic, I will never turn back! My first use, I could tell my skin was much cleaner. After a week, my skin was flawless. Worth every penny.

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  • Vtctgirl88 By  Vtctgirl88    


    I absolutely love my Clarisonic. I use it everyday. I have super dry sensitive skin and this does not irritate me at all. In fact I have noticed a huge difference in my skin in a good way. I will not wash my face with anything else now. I would recommend this to everyone.

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  • SheriABBL By  SheriABBL    

    My skin has become so awesome since using this product. It really cleanses your face much better and deeper than you could ever wash with your hands. My spots are gone, skin is smooth, and free of makeup. I use it daily and it doesn't hurt sensitive skin.

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  • vegancouture_ By  vegancouture_    

    MUST add to skin regimen!

    ever since I added this to my skin routine, my skin has gotten brighter and smoother. If i feel a pimple coming on, I use this and voila, the pimple is gone the next day - seriously its incredible.

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  • kimmycoo99 By  kimmycoo99    

    Worth the investment

    I love my Clarisonic Mia 2. I use it about 3x a week and it helps to exfoliate dead skin and helps circulation. It has 2 speed levels and a T-timer that guides you through the sections of your face. Just cleanse using small circular motions with light pressure. It helps with troubled skin and reduces the size of your pores!

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  • JanLynn By  JanLynn    

    You NEED this!

    Love love love!! Feels like a mini facial every time I use it! Cleans and removes all unnecessary things from your skin! I would highly recommend this in your weekly skin care routine!

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  • Clpaulk919 By  Clpaulk919    

    Absolute must have. My skin has never looked better and I don't need to wear full coverage make-up now.

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  • Catz1727 By  Catz1727    

    great product makes my face feel terrifc. better brush head than the one I got from mary k great price and i love it

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  • drosenheck By  drosenheck    

    Good product.

    I like the Clarisonic Mia 2 and purchased mine from Sephora. I like it because it does do what it says. It deep cleanses like no other product that I have used. If you wear foundation daily I recommend this. I have oily combination skin and it seems to keep the oil under control. I love the way it exfoliates my skin and leaves my foundation with a smooth and healthy glow. I recommend trying this if you haven't.

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  • bvcoyne By  bvcoyne    

    next level skin care

    Great product! I think the sensitive skin brush heads are better for everyday, but when I feel like my face needs a good scrubbing, the regular brush heads do the trick!

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  • Priceless34 By  Priceless34    

    Great Product

    I'm very pleased with the Mia 2. My skin feels soft and refreshed after every use. Definitely recommend this product for deep cleansing!

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  • Savvy5 By  Savvy5    

    These are ok. I could tell that it hurt my skin a little. But a great product

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