Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color

Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color

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A good demi perment haircolor and it last for a while but leave your hair in great condition .

This is pretty good for in store dye. It works really nice gives great gray coverage around edges of my hairline. I still want to look 32 years old even though I'm 40. I like using 13 suede, light brown. Just because you can't get to beauty salon.

I had some coupons and found a really good sale on this hair coloring so I purchased 2 boxes. At first I thought it was fantastic because its clariol.. It didn't have a strong odor and it went on easy. When I rinsed and conditioned i was surprised by how good my hair felt and smelled HOWEVER, after i blew my hair out i was so upset by the amount of gray that I still had in my hair! I followed the directions carefully as i do with everything and I have used some really cheap stuff and had better results than i did with this product. I tried contacting customer service and all the woman wanted to fixate on was those darn directions and how every hair type is different. It wasn't so much WHAT she was saying to me it was HOW she said it to me. That left me never to buy another clariol product EVER. Spend the few extra $$'s on the better brand. If you think that it won't work then go with your gut... I should have. Lesson learned.

I did not like it.

This at-home kit did nothing to my hair. It didn't even slightly change the color. They have really beautiful colors shown on the boxes, but their hair color just doesn't work.

While brushing through my hair a few weeks ago I noticed a few strands of grey hair. It was shocking as Id had no greys before this. I knew immediately that I was going to dye my hair. So after work the next day I went to one of the local drugstore I brought this dye in black. It turned out great and three weeks later my hair still looks great. I am very satisfied with it and would recommend it.

I would choose 2.5 stars if I could. The good: NI smells great and leaves your hair SUPER soft. If choose your shade correctly (and I MUST emphasize this), you can get light-reflecting, salon-quality demi-permanent results. BUT (and here's the bad), NI has the tendency to come out WAY too dark on most women, and their medium reds (while great if you have dark blonde/light brown hair--not listed on the package swatches) tend toward purple on darker hair. Fair-skinned ladies, beware, this stuff can seriously wash you out. My advice? Always choose a shade at least 2, maybe even three, above the level you wish to achieve. Pale blonde-- this can stain your hair and take on a permanent quality. Good if that's what you're going for because it's a lot less damaging than permanent hair color, bad if you're looking for a temporary change with little commitment.

The last good value. At under $5 at my local store, it makes it affordable to stay in style. Wish the color lasted longer. But for he price what do you expect.

i love how my hair feels after i have used this hair dye! and it doesn't stay smelly for days like it does with the other brands. the colors are always true to what they say they are so you don't have to guess what color your hair will turn out!

I don't know why anyone would pay salon prices when they can get wonderful results for under $10 with Clairol Nice n' Easy!!! I am 44 and have been coloring my hair with Nice n' Easy since I was 19. I have friends who don't believe me when I tell them I color my hair, it is that natural looking. Of course my hair coloring needs have changed over the years, I now need to worry about the grays. Also, as with many women, my hair texture changed with each of my 4 pregnancies. Nice n' Easy has managed to work through all the changes. I have used the 800# with questions and they are amazingly helpful. I have learned how to mix colors and find the most natural look for me. With the coupons that are available I spend around $6 every 5 weeks to keep my hair looking great. Thank you Clairol!!!

This is the only hair color I will use. It does not have harsh ammonia in it, and does far less damage to my hair than other dyes. I started using it when I used to perm my hair because I was concerned about over-processing, but even though I have stopped perming my hair, I still like the soft and subtle shades that this dye creates.