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  • FANOOK30 By  FANOOK30    

    This is a great book! I have 5 children nd have read it to them all more than once! It makes you ?believe?.

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  • Hgmbtrflys By  Hgmbtrflys    

    Long, but now all of our kids love it

    It's a long book, obviously, but amazing. Even the illustrations are great. Now our kids want to read it every Christmas.

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  • mmblanchard10 By  mmblanchard10    

    I've always loved this book, even from when I was a child. I find the book a great story for younger children. It talks about santa but is not the typical story of santa coming down the chimney and putting gifts under the tree. The meaning of christmas is more broad than that. Very much enjoyed it and recommend to younger audiences.

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  • annysb By  annysb    

    I still have read it, but I review that is awesome, and I think could be good for my kid at school

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  • momma4life By  momma4life    

    This is a great Holiday story, glad to see something different about christmas. You and your children will both love this book. It has great illustrations.

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  • Snookiebill By  Snookiebill    

    Not only is the story great, but the illustrations are wonderful! I read it to my 1st grade class every year and have several activities centered around the book.

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  • marcia2720 By  marcia2720    

    My Son loves this book! It also makes you really believe in the magic of christmas.

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  • jonilee73 By  jonilee73    

    My daughter is in love with this book. She is only three so she has a hard time sitting through long books so I was skeptical that she would let me read this to her, as this book has about a paragraph written per page, but she was completely captivated. She begs me to read this book nightly now before bed. Her favorite part is pointing out Santa to me.

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