Chocolate Cookie Crumb Whip Topping Dessert


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  • Prep Time:
    20 Mins
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  • Total Prep + Cook Time:
    20 Mins
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Chocolate Cookie Crumb Whip Topping Dessert

Makes: 30 cups

Description: This is a vanilla pudding/whip topping dessert with chocolate cookie crumbs. Either take and Oreo apart and roll it out in a bag, or cheat and buy a bag of chocolate cookie crumbs. Much easier.- I spied a dessert that I really wanted to try one day when I was out shopping at a store so I went home and tried to duplicate it. I had it at my daughters' baby shower. It went over so well they all wanted a repeat and the recipe for her Bridal Shower. My problem I don't usually work with recipes. So I am going to try.

1  Large container Cool Whip
1  Large Box Vanilla Pudding stir kind
1  Bag cookie crumbs

Instructions: Make sure the Large container of Cool Whip is thawed. Using rubber spatula put in large bowl. (I always double this) Next you take your Large box of Vanilla pudding and start to shake some of the pudding into the Cool Whip and stir-not whip. You will know when you have enough pudding in your bowl. It starts to thicken up. You don't want it to thick as you still need to add the chocolate cookie crumbs. I always play around with this recipe until I find exactly the right thickness that I want. I also have just a little extra Cool Whip and Cookie Crumps left over for the top you mix those two together and put them at the top when you are finished. So it has a finished appeal to it.

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  • Author image By drosenheck
    Jan 31, 2017   Edit

    Amazing! Simply delicious and feels light. I love the balance of the vanilla and chocolate cookie crumbs. Yummy, very easy to make.

  • Author image By Mdblasioli
    Feb 16, 2016   Edit

    This was so good! I would love to make it again, but maybe for a holiday desert.

  • Author image By Redrunner
    Oct 02, 2013   Edit

    Delicious, but incredibly full of calories! Nice for a special treat or occasion.

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