Chips Ahoy! Chocolate Chip Cookies with Reese's

Chips Ahoy! Chocolate Chip Cookies with Reese's

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Love these! These are the perfect combo of chocolate and peanut. Also the texture is wonderful with the crunchy cookie and then you bite into a gooey peanut butter cup.

chips ahoy are already delicious but when you add the Reese peanut butter cups to them it takes it to a whole new leave . get you a cold glass of milk and you gotta perfect snack .

Yummy Eats!! Reese's in a Chips Ahoy Cookie? Genius!! They are absolutely yummy!!!

Not enough Reese's! May be better with more candy? I can't really taste the Reese's candy in these. I was very surprised bc these are great cookies to add more ingredients to.

Absolute heaven Have always loved Chips ahoy but when they added reeses it was heaven. A definite winner in my household.

Chips ahoy reminds me of my childhood and then they are upgraded with peanut does get better with time.

Great Cookies! Chips ahoy cookies are Great! My family loves them and I have a hard time keeping them in my house I almost have to hide them sometimes so that they will last until next trip to grocery store. They are a great chocolate chip cookie and have a wonderful taste. Price is about right too. I recommend them.

THE Best Cookies These cookies are all my favorite sweets combined into one! Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite plus add Reese's and I'm in love. I love the crunch of the cookie and the sweetness from the chocolate and the peanut butter.

Double the goodness A great combination of goodness in one cookie. This cookie is soft and tasty .

Chocolate and peanut butter, win, win I love this cookies because they have chocolate chips and peanut butter cups in them. The cookies are soft and chewy. I love the hunks of chocolate in each bite.

Yum! These cookies are fantastic! They have a very satisfying mouthfeel, but mainly they just taste really good. You get the chunks of chocolate chips and little pieces of Reese's peanut butter cups.

10 cookies mixed with milk! Awesome Dessert for 2.

Reese's + Chips Ahoy! I love anything with Reese's, and I already like Chips Ahoy cookies, so it was easy for me to love these cookies. I wouldn't have objected to _more_ Reese's bits in them, but they were tasty all the same.

Yum The best cookie I have ever eaten. My whole family loves them. The package is gone the first day when bought

Good! You can never go wrong with Chips Ahoy! Or with Reese!!