Children's Mucinex Multi-Symptom Cold

Children's Mucinex Multi-Symptom Cold

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Works great Has been my life saver in many occasions! Works good cause it makes my kids feel better when they are sick although they don't love the flavor so I sneak it into their juice when they are not looking. :)

Mucinex is my go to for my kids. After trying lots of others we have now started keeping Mucinex in the house because it works every time.

Works! Totally works! They have good flavors too, so your kids ill love it. Beats going to the Doctor!

sinuses go away! my younger sister uses childrens mucinex daily ! it works wonders for her and her awful sinuses, also she prefers the little mini melts kind though.

this works!!!!!!!!!!! when my children have colds this is my go to. it is fast and breaks up their cold.

I have used this with my children a few times. It works great especially with those croupy type coughs and deep congestion.

Products does what it says but I feel they charge to much

The Children's Mucinex definitely works! I was given a free sample to try from Smiley360. It arrived at my house just as my oldest son was getting sick. He told me he ''needed to go to the hospital'' because he couldn't stop coughing. I suggested we try some medicine first before going to the hospital. It worked on him a lot faster than I thought it would - once I realized he wasn't coughing anymore I asked him if he still needed to go to the hospital, to which he replied, "nahhh." I used it multiple times over the course of his illness and my sons symptoms always improved quickly. He wasn't the biggest fan of the taste though. He was much more willing to take it after keeping in it the refrigerator. I know I'll buy this once the sample is gone!

This is a life saver for our family during cold season! It is the fastest working and has the least amount of side effects for my girls.

This cold medicine seemed to work really well but it made my child "crazy" is the best way to put it. He had a hard time focusing and really hyper. And kept doing things he usually did not do. It was really strange. I just thought he was having an off day. We tried the medicine during another cold and he acted the same way again so we switched and he stopped. I was giving the right dosage too.

This works incredibly fast and well. My daughter's cold lasted only three days using this compared to using Dimetapp which took about a week or more to help her out. She also was able to sleep very good through the night instead of being up due to a cough and stuffy nose. This is now my go to for my daughter.

Does your child got a cold? Fever? Stuffy Nose? Cough? Choose Children's Mucinex Multi-Symptom Cold medicine! Helps with all the signs for a nasty little cold for your little monster! Comes in different flavors such as Very Berry, Strawberry and Blue Berry. My nephew doesn't like the taste of any children medicine but he loves Mucinex! The taste is great and it works very well. They will be ready for school in no time! So find it at your local drug store and get some before winter really hits!

We have always loved the Mucinex brand in our house but recently got to try Children's Mucinex and it worked wonders for my daughter it help to clear her symptoms up in just a few doses.