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  • Sarahtaylor126 By  Sarahtaylor126    

    Vroom vroom car

    We call this my daughters vroom vroom car!! She loves it!!

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  • HunniCasey By  HunniCasey    

    Entertainment for you and the baby

    My daughter did not know how to walk or anything I said her down one time in this to prove a point to my MIL and with whatever power she had gained within that few minutes she didn't stop running around that house that is one of the first nights that she has slept so long I was worried because she was so exhausted.

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  • foreverandalwaysash By  foreverandalwaysash    

    Walkers are great....especially when baby's are learning how to walk but they can't quite do it by themselves yet.

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  • JanelUnderwood By  JanelUnderwood    


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  • jennyjay459 By  jennyjay459    

    We bought this walker just 2 weeks ago and my son absolutely LOVES it!! It has bright bold colors and the toy tray is very entertaining. It has a 'mini piano', book with hard pages that turn (only 2 pages), and all sorts of other things to hit/move to make noises! It is electronic and plays classical music, makes just the individual note sounds on the piano, and says what animal is on each key and makes the appropriate animal sound. The greatest is that it is two volume levels: low and high! We always turn it on low...sometimes he turns it up to high while playing...there is a HUGE difference! We have been very impressed with this walker!!!

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