Cherub Grape Tomatoes

Cherub Grape Tomatoes

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YUMMY!! so good for a quick afternoon snack and the package makes it easy to store and the maters dont get smashed.

Star of any & every salad. Been clean eating during the lockdown. It is a burst of flavor every single Time.

Great product I love these cherub tomatoes. They are the perfect size to slice in two for salads, tacos or burritos.

Delicious and Healthy These are very sweet, satisfying and healthy! I eat them as a snack popping a few whenever I?m hungry. They are always sweet. Very portable

Cherry tomatoes I'm not to sure about them I don't really like the taste I think they kinda sour

Gems For Your Salad LOVE these sweet gems. Sometimes if regular size tomatoes are tasteless I just slice these tiny babies up! usually straight as snacks or in salads. So delicious.

I love using these in pasta salads in the summer.They are so juicy and sweet and blend so nicely with my home made ranch dressing.

These little tomatoes are like little bursts of sweet goodness.

What I love about Cherubs tomatoes is the juicy goodness inside. The container is pretty cool, you can take it in the car and give the tomatoes to your young kids while you drive places, I mean is perfect. The tomatoes are always fresh and the price is pretty good.

Love these things! If anyone had told me a tomato could be "sweet" - I would have told them their definition of "sweet" must be considerably different than mine! But I've found I can actually just snack on these so I keep them on hand - plus for some reason they help to curb the sweet tooth - and they are good for you