Cheez-It Duoz

Cheez-It Duoz

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Classic snack Another classic snack! It is difficult to not devour the entire box in one sitting. Love the new flavor variations. Keeps me buying more.

Just one box I've got two boys who both like different flavored cheez it, so It was awesome when I found two different flavors combined in one box! the negative side is that I feel like there's way too much salt!

Addictive I think these are addictive. I love the flavor combo. It is not to strong. I just wish they could make a healthy version...or healthier. More and more I buy there combo flavors. Good combo.

ew I love Cheez its and I was so disappointed that they had to make something sooo bad!!

I thought it was pretty good tasting. I did like both the flavors and they tasted good together

Once you have one you can't stop. A favorite snack in our family.

I am a fan of Cheez-Its and was excited when these came out. The flavors are there and when put together are a great tasting snack

My favorite!! I always debate between buying two boxes, but now there is a combo! I will never have to pick and choose. I can have both in one package.

These are one of my favorites from this brand. Gives the power of two flavors at the price of one. These have always been one of my first choices for a go to snack. This brand keeps getting better and better and innovative with the flavor selections. This one is a winner for both kids and adults.

I love these. When I was little I would see how many I could chew before I would swallow them.

I like the fact that there are two daughter catches sight of these and there as good as gone!

these r my favorite craker I love the duos because you get two great flavors together and they always complement each other so well

My kids absolutely love the Cheez-it mashup of sharp cheddar and Parmesan cheese. Something different to try and fun to eat. Me.....I'm a purest....give me plain old cheez-its anytime (preferably low fat ones)!

two in one cant beat that

I bought the sharp cheddar/ Parmesan not knowing if I would like the mix of flavors. Once I tried them I was hooked! I couldn't stop going back to the cabinet for more! I was reluctant to tell my kids to try them because I knew I would have to share once they discovered how great they were. In the end I did tell them and as suspected they fell in love too. We all have our own favorite flavor combinations.