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  • taxdiva By  taxdiva    

    The cinnamon taste was delicious, but the sugar content was very high and left me pretty hungry a short time later. Not the healthiest choice for a cereal.

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  • tabithaLA By  tabithaLA    

    I love this cereal! It tastes great, especially with unsweetened almond milk. It fills me up and I'm not hungry until lunch.

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  • Bethyann By  Bethyann    

    Not too sweet and taste good without milk also.

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  • SoCal88 By  SoCal88    

    Just a hint of cinnamon, not too sweet. One of the best cheerios flavors ever!

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  • NFritze By  NFritze    

    One of my favorite new cheerio flavors but don't let them sit in milk of they get a bit slimmey.

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  • jagreen0621 By  jagreen0621    

    Great as a dry snacking cereal. The cereal seemed to get really mushy and gross if sitting in milk for more than 5 seconds. Really great taste but not recommended for anything other than snacking.

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  • xenagirl By  xenagirl    

    This is good. A cinnamon goodness that I like.

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  • kellibliss By  kellibliss    

    I love this cereal.

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  • CountryJ By  CountryJ    

    These were pretty good. They're not super sweet, but satisfied me.

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  • nichole2 By  nichole2    

    My family and I tried this cereal recently and the kids really liked it. Will have to buy again.

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  • mbs615 By  mbs615    

    Pretty disappointing. I LOVE cinnamon and these just didn't do it for me. TOO bland. If you are looking for a good cinnamon infused cereal this isn't the one...bummer...

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  • kandy1271 By  kandy1271    

    I love cinnamon, so I was expecting these to be delicious and couldn't wait to try them. What a let-down! They are very bland and have little to no flavor at all. My kids and husband hated them as well. I ended up throwing them out. If you're looking for flavor, avoid this cereal.

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