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  • amidalaminter By  amidalaminter    

    Good.product. Smells good too. The price isnt bad when I use a coupon with it!

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  • lorriemcgruder By  lorriemcgruder    

    Cheer is a great laundry detergent, I only wish that there were more coupons available for it! :-)

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  • lnlygrl96 By  lnlygrl96    

    I absolutely love Cheer it's the detergent I use every time, it's got a great scent and it's a great value for the money!!! I have never had any problems with Cheer it leaves my clothes looking very bright and smelling very good!!!!

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  • mbs615 By  mbs615    

    Just used Cheer for the first time this weekend... You would like in 20 years of doing laundry I would have tried, but I hadn't. I have been a die hard Tide person, but now I'm going to switch to Cheer... I LOVE the scent...My clothes actually smell like the detergent and I love it!

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  • clarissa79 By  clarissa79    

    Cheer detergent is absolutely wonderful. It smells great and does the job...GREAT PRODUCT!

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  • bkress By  bkress    

    I really do enjoy this product. Although it smells very nice, it is not too strong-smelling as I have found other detergents to be. I have a 8-month-old that produces a lot of dirty laundry and it seems to do well with stains even without a pre-treatment. It does "brighten" my clothes which I find impressive. The price is very reasonable; $10.00 for a 100 fl oz jug. I probably won't be switching detergents anytime soon.

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  • momagarry By  momagarry    

    I will try this.

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  • cybrown551 By  cybrown551    

    I definitely would say Cheer is a good product but a little on the pricy side. It cleans and freshen clothes with a lasting fresh scent. My clothes were soft and bright. I try this product because I received a coupon and I used my local store coupon that had a very good value. However, if I would not have received the coupon would I buy Cheer again, I don?t know. Maybe not?, If I can get the same results using a lesser priced brand than I go and do where my money goes the furthers.

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    I like this. And it smells great also! Usually when I use the Sanitize cycle in my washer, there is NO scent on anything I pull out, but there is with this. And my towels were bright, the only DRAWBACK is: it doesn't rinse easily, went through 3 rinse cycles. ( I always do 2 anyway on my towels, but it took 3 to get all of the suds out)

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  • emac79 By  emac79    

    I bought this because I noticed my white towels were not as white as they once were. I saw the commercials and thought I would give it a whirl since I had a coupon. Although it did whiten, I can't say that it did any better job than OxyClean would do. I like this because I am not a fan of bleach, even non chlorine bleach (I just don't think it works), but I am not sure if I like it better than OxyClean or good old fashioned baking soda. If I had a coupon, I would buy it again.

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