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  • sstory By  sstory    

    We used the powder version of this for the first 6 months after our daughter was born and washed all of our clothes in it prior to her birth. It seemed effective and had no scent to it. The only issue is that it highly recommends running a couple/few loads with just the detergent to clean out your washer from your previous detergent. It also recommends not using drier sheets, which I have a hard time following through with. Otherwise it seems to wash the clothes well with no lasting scent.

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  • abbeyyjorge By  abbeyyjorge    

    i haven't heard about this detergent. maybe because i dont use clothed diapers for my daughter.

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  • GetUpAndTryAgain By  GetUpAndTryAgain    

    Sounds Good...will be trying it soon! 3 stars But only because I have yet to try it

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  • garresa By  garresa    

    I love this product. One bag will last 80 loads, using a tbsp per load. This detergent is safe for baby clothes, silk, gortex. Its the only laundry detergent I use. This detergent leaves no soap residue, so I use less fabric softner.

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  • Suevivor2 By  Suevivor2    

    I love this product. I get it at the Whole Foods in Winston -Salem NC. Definitely recommend it to others!

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  • berned_you By  berned_you    

    I loooove charlies! It's the only laundry soap I'll use and it's also useful for so many other things. It's so kind to my sensitive skin and nose. I've also converted my parents and hubby's parents to only use charlies.

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