Charlie Sheen: The Women Left In His Wake

   By drodriguez  Mar 06, 2011

Living under a rock is no excuse for not hearing news of the Charlie Sheen saga that continues to grow day after day. From bizarre outbursts and rants during his recent interviews to a record number of followers on his Twitter feed, Sheen has managed to get our attention and then some in just a short amount of time.  He has repeatedly voiced his anger over CBS and the Two And A Half Men producer, Chuck Lorre, who moved to cancel the show after Sheen’s drug use and “partying” got out of hand.

Over the last week Sheen has gone from spouting out unintelligible ramblings to becoming a folk-hero of sorts to many young people following and being entertained by his every move.  Fans have begun quoting his catchphrases such as “winning” and “duh” and there are even websites dedicated to his idiosyncrasies.  But if you look at Sheen’s past history of violence toward women, you may wonder why the media seems so focused on the “partying” and drug use and merely brushes over his issues with domestic abuse.

A recent op-ed piece, The Disposable Woman by Anna Holmes of the New York Times begs the question why we seem more “entertained than outraged” when it comes to the way Sheen has repeatedly been accused of harming women and has nevertheless remained one of the highest paid actors on television.  His documented history of abuse toward women began more than 20 years ago when in 1990 accidentally shot his then fiancee, Kelly Preston, in the arm before their engagement came to an end.  

Just four years after this debacle with Preston, Sheen was accused of striking a college student in the head after she refused to sleep with him.  This case was settled out of court.  In 1996, adult film actress Brittany Ashland told police that Sheen threw her to the floor at his home during an argument.  Sheen later plead no contest in court and ended up paying a fine.

Both actresses, Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller accused Sheen of threatening to kill them while they were married to him in 2006 and 2009.  Sheen ended up pleading guilty to threatening Mueller and allegedly holding a knife to her throat.  For this he was placed on probation.  After this incident, Sheen returned to taping Two And A Half Men where it seemed to be business as usual as Sheen continued to be paid over a million dollars an episode.  

Holmes has a theory on why the media, fans, and networks do not take Sheen’s history of abuse toward women seriously.  She talks about the “imperfections of the accusers" by saying, “The women are of a type, which is to say, highly unsympathetic.  Some are sex workers - pornographic film stars and escorts - whose compliance with churlish conduct is assumed to be part of the deal.  (For the record: It is not.)”

What do you think of Sheen’s history of violence and the way people have reacted to his recent public appearances?

Do you think Sheen should be able to go back to work for Two And A Half Men?

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leceesgramma by leceesgramma | Babbitt, MN
May 05, 2011

I hope and Pray that he can see what he is really doing to many. He is an addict and that is a tough road to travel. Although most addict have made the choice to take whatever drug of his or her choice. Once you become and addict you will always be an addict, you may sober up but its always there. I do not think he should go back to the show. He needs to get help not only for him , but his family and children. Take him off the air totally and put him in a long term treatment. I pray for all the Sheens. I cannot condone what he has done but I am not here to judge either.

Sprinkles68 by Sprinkles68 | TACOMA, WA
Mar 29, 2011

he's an idiot plain and simple. he's the 'story of the week' we'll forget about him and by this time next year no one will know who you're talking about.

couponluv by couponluv | Smiths, AL
Mar 29, 2011

Although I am glad that 2 1/2 men is off the air...unfortunately we must endure the 2 episodes back to back and the lude and inappropriate commercials all day long. I only wish they would pull ALL the reruns as well. We can only pray that Martin Sheen and the rest of the family has an intervention to help this lost soul!

sydandzoesmom by sydandzoesmom | Daphne, AL
Mar 29, 2011

No one with that kind of demeanor should be allowed to be rewarded and make the money and have the success he has had. His behavior should be punished! He is acting like a child. So sad because the younger generation is following in his footsteps with Chris Brown and his recent behaviour. Horrible!

mckenna2098 by mckenna2098 | Drums, PA
Mar 25, 2011

he makes me sick. i dislike even hearing the word abuse it makes me feel sad.

denloew by denloew | HINCKLEY, OH
Mar 23, 2011

I think it is sad that our culture holds this man up in high esteem. It's sad that he isn't getting the help that he needs. In my humble opinion he is sick and needs to be under a dcotor's care. I think it is also sad that our culture allows a show like 2 1/2 men to be so popular. Charlie Sheen's character is always sleeping with some female and has no true relationship with any of them. I refuse to watch a show like that or to allow my children to do so. It's too bad that the majority doesn't see this show as morally wrong.

Britnev by Britnev | Clearwater, FL
Mar 20, 2011

Having never watched the program I can't really speak on whether he should be taken back. I don't know if he was good or not. But I can speak about his ranting and raving online show - what is up with that?? To me, and this is clearly my own opinion based on what I have seen online, this is a man that has lost his way. I don't know the cause but it is very sad to see the downward spiral of a human being.

marina64 by marina64 | Albany, OR
Mar 12, 2011

Ever had a loved one afflicted by bi-polar disorder? Understand the very painful experience of watching someone go from incredibly charming and generous, to grandiose and reckless? This is no excuse for domestic violence. Sheen's accountability as a public figure is critical in modeling what is acceptable behavior in society; the public response exacerbates/creates ill effects his behavior elicits. Ironically, he's become the catalyst for the public bashing of the mentally ill. There is nothing amusing about either consequence; neither the criminal behavior being minimized, nor the freedom people feel to judge, are healthy elements of an advanced society. Let's stop entertaining ourselves to death and look inside for things to be improved. Let's not keep 2.5 Men up and running. It's misogynistic at times, has too much obvious humor, and Sheen simply "phones it in." Most of all, it sends a message to men and women of many ages what you can get away with if you're rich and famous.

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Mar 12, 2011

I'm not for abuse. But personal and business are two different things. Also has anyone researched Chuck Lorre or read any of his writings and vanity plates, he leaves a lot to question also.

joya08 by joya08 | MUNDELEIN, IL
Mar 08, 2011

I agree with cherieebick , I see no reason why they keep talking bout him everywhere...if he was not an actor he would be in jail for being an abuser,alcoholic,drug addict and so on,but no he is seen as a star.

cherieebick by cherieebick | New Haven, CT
Mar 07, 2011

I'm so sick and tired of hearing about this man. On the radio, tv, internet....He's just an actor who completely ruined is life and reputation. He is a good actor or shall I say WAS but I can care less about him.

felicia1960 by felicia1960 | WELLINGTON, FL
Mar 07, 2011

I think an abuser is the lowest form of life. Having said that I have a dual diagnosis child meaning Bipolar and addictions and if he were to be getting the attention that Charlie Sheen is getting it would be his most glorious dream come true. Ignore him stop making him the center of everyones universe and he'll have to shut up. But having said that he does have a disease at least from a mothers trained eye he needs hospitalization. It is sad especially when as a parent I go thru this bi yearly at least.

Rockl35 by Rockl35 | Goddard, KS
Mar 07, 2011

The" I feel so bad for him attitude" just makes me sick. That is the problem. I have no sympathy for him. Not an ounce! I feel sorry for babies born with birth defects because they have mom's using drugs. I feel sorry for children who are abused and killed at the hands of those who are supposed to protect them. I feel sorry for women who somehow think that they deserve this or can be bought to keep quite about it. I feel sorry for all those who waste their time following his ramblings and think his actions are something to look up to. This man needs to pay for his choices. We wonder why the world and America is becoming something we can't even recognize anymore... and this is WHY! We idolize the idiots and make them the ones we listen to, give our time and devotion to. We watch them, talk about them and write about them. We give them more fame then they could ever get on their own. He needs to be fired!

Von411 by Von411 | El paso, TX
Mar 07, 2011

Charlie Sheen is so lost. Its just very sad. This guys has millions of dollars and is throwing it all away on his addition. Which he says he does not have? I work my tail off and this guy thinks that he deserves more.. He is a poor excuse for a son and human being. He boast that he is a rock star, oh no he is not. He is a person that is on a downward spiral and is sad to say living on borrowed time. He looks so old now. He is disrespectful and I think the kids should be taken away from both of them. Its just so sad how these people have so much money and blow it on drugs and sex. They really make me sick..

hiddentreasure by hiddentreasure | Letts, IA
Mar 07, 2011

The Bible says in the last days good will be called evil and evil will be called good. He simply proves this point. I disagree with him being raised up and paid so well to misbehave. I agree with msfriendly. He does makes my stomach lurch. What I try to remember that Jesus died for him too. We can pray that his "reprobate mind" can somehow be reversed and turned to Jesus.