Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire Series Books 1-8

Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire Series Books 1-8

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Good series I really like this book series. It is exciting, with the variety of characters and offers some perspective on choices that we make each day on helping others over our self. It is a vampire book that talks about love, lust, war and sacrifice. Good read that kept me turning the pages.

The book series is amazing...until it got to the last three books where the author clearly gave up! (TV show was terrible after the first season)

This is one of my favorite book series ever! I read book after book and couldn't get enough. Sookie and her love triangles were really interesting in the books compared to True Blood. I wish some of the characters in the books like the Weretiger, were in True Blood. I also wish that the Eric and Sookie love story from the books had more of an impact from the show. The only reason I didn't give the series 5 starts was because of the last book/ending. I won't ruin it for anyone but it was extremely disappoint for me and I would think many people. Both overall, such a great great series. Love it!

Love all these books. The stories just flow together. I only wish the writer would come out with more stories! I love the person the Sookie becomes through out the whole series. First she is weak and completely clueless and then she is strong and almost untouchable.

I love this series, love the tv show also but the books far better . I have started rereading them all over again

I have mixed feelings about this series. The first 3-4 books were excellent, and I couldn't put them down. I read them within about a week's time, and I fell in love with the universe. It was entertaining in a sort of kitchy, cheesy sort of way, but it was good. When the series was about halfway through, it started to falter. I found that the stories weren't as well thought out, and the characters weren't as well developed. By the last book, I was barely able to read through the entire thing without giving up. Things wrapped up too abruptly, characters seemed out of character, and the plots were barely mediocre, if that. That said, the series overall is good. I would recommend these to anyone interested in vampire/paranormal romance, and even the more boring books are good enough for a rainy day.

I will truly miss her Sookie Stackhouse series, but look forward to seeing what she has in store for us otherwise!!

best books ever

I am hooked on these books. I wish there were more to be read!!

I found one of these books years ago and have read them all now. So glad when HBO made a series. Books are better though and would love to own the collection.

I love these books so much. I was so excited before each came out. But the very last book left me alone and disappointed. I feel that Ms. Harris stopped caring about her characters and the world they lived in. I truly was a bit broken hearted as a reader from the beginning, but not because it ended. It was how it ended that really left an emptiness. I know there is a follow up coming out in October and I will give it a chance.

I adore vampire books (I don't think that twilight is a vampire book sorry its lame) and this series is one of my favorites. Its sad that in may her last one will come out it will be the 13th book. I love sookie & bill and even eric. Great series and I love how Bubba aka Elvis is in it.

True blood! I was hooked after book number 1. And definitely better than the tv show.

Great books. I read them during my Twilight/vampire stage five years ago and they were the best vampire books I've read.

I love this series. I read the books before I ever watched the tv show. Once I start a book, I can't put it down and generally read it in a day or two. I'm actually about to re-read the series. I have always liked vampire books/shows and this is definitely my favorite.