Charlaine Harris Dead Until Dark

Charlaine Harris Dead Until Dark

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ADDICTING!!! I find myself re-reading this series until the new books come out in May.

Great book, Love the story

i love this book! i've read the entire "sookie stackhouse series" by charlaine harris, and i have to say, they are addictive! the characters draw you into their lives and their many dilemmas. you fall in love with them, shortcomings (be it supernatural) and all. there's a wonderful mixture of vampire, shapeshifter, and just every day people in this book. just what you need if you are an adult who jumped on the twilight bandwagon and are now jonesing for something a little more "adult."

Love this series!

Love these books!

I have watched the HBO series, but my friend talked me into reading the books. I am on the 6th book and I am addicted. They are my guilty pleasure that I cannot get enough of!

im new on here and i never really read the book but i heard it was good and i love must definitely love to read it some day.

I am currently on the fourth book in this series and I love them... I got hooked on Twilight and have read a few other Vampires series.. I really like this series a lot.

As a over 40 year old, I enjoy Charlene Harris's Sukie Stackhouse series much better than Twilight. Twilight is definitely for the teens, but the True Blood series is much more adult in nature. If you have a chance to watch True Blood on HBO, it is just as addictive as the books they are base on!

I loved not only this series but this book. It was recommended to me by a friend who shares my taste in books. After seeing the first season of the HBO show I decided to read the books. It took me only 8 days to get through the entire paperback boxed set. As a result of enjoying this series I have read 2 other series by Charlaine Harris. She is a wonderful and imaginative author who hooks you in and brings you on a journey that you can't get enough of.

I really enjoyed this book. I liked the Twilight series better, but this was very good!

I have read all of these books... she needs to write faster!

This book was cute, engaging, and---dare I say it?---a little more believable than the Twilight series. I'm working my way through the series and can't wait to watch the HBO TV series. The characters are so interesting and complex---I really enjoyed the kinship of a small town portrayed in such a loyal way. Yet, it does get really good toward the end! Enjoy!