Chanel No. 5

Chanel No. 5

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One of my favorite scents This smells so great and i wear it almost on every occasion. I love this scent. would be a great gift.

such a great scent I love the way this smells, such a great scent for every occasion. Would love to get this as a gift too.

Very Elegant, Classic French Perfume Chanel No. 5 is an all time classic, and favorite of mine. It's not watered down like a lot of American scents. It's rich and long lasting. An all year round scent that smells good on everyone I've ever smelled it on. It makes you feel like a woman! Very feminine, not too flowery, not overbearing. It's for the young, and the young at heart! I love this fragrance and will always have it in my collection. It's a classic and always will be!

I like this scent very much a little goes a long way. The thing about some perfumes is you can use a very small amount so it is worth the price.

Great. I had the pure parfum, that comes in the lipstick size case. It lasted me a full year. One spray and you are done for the day. Pair it with Chanel no. 5 bath soap.

Chanel no 5 is a heady strong classic blend. More womanly than girly it takes a strong sex appeal and lingers on the nose. As it has more notes and complexities than many modern scents it takes some getting used to...use sparingly at first. But oh! There was a reason Marilyn Monroe wore this.

I have this perfume and I don't really like it, I expected a different type of smell it's too strong, it's smells like a perfume that usually older women will use, not a smell you'll usually smell on a younger woman.

i agree that its not for the young at heart but it is for the grown and experienced. :)

I dislike this perfume. I know its a classic but I prefer a more floral or a clean scent.

This is a lovely scent--very classy

This perfume is wonderful smelling, I wear when I want to feel sophisticated.

Who doesn't love Chanel No. 5. The perfect gift to give or receive.

Gosh why would anyone buy an expensive perfume when they could use a 20 dollar one that works just the same or maybe even better?

Expensive but good. If you can afford it then your lucky...

Although pricey smells amazing and lasts I have been using it for years