Chanel COCO Parfum

Chanel COCO Parfum

              Rated #133 in Fragrance
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The scent is very musky and sophisticated without a trace of fruity undertones... that being said, it is great for older women but the scent itself is not very youthful. Props to the gorgeous packaging, though. Personally, I find Chanel No 5 to be more universal so I think I'll stick to that. I'd try a sample of this one before purchasing.

I thought this smelled horrible. With no offense to anyone, it is definitly a sophisticated scent for an older sophisticated woman. Its just not for me.

A very sophisticated fragrance; I am always asked what fragrance I am wearing when I wear it, and it is my "signature" fragrance...I think of it as a Vintage fragrance, having been created by Coco Chanel herself, and Vintage is definitely my style. Not overpowering, and not "fruity" or "candy-like", which I think most modern fragrances are like. me.