Chain Restaurants Lower Their Calorie Count On Newer Menu Options

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Oct 12, 2014

If you’re trying to eat healthier, dining out can be something of a nightmare packed with hidden calories and fat in each bite. But now many chain restaurants have finally heard the call for healthier options as they roll out new foods with fewer calories.

USA Today reports about the findings from a study by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health that finds that new items added to chain restaurant menus, mostly sandwiches and salads, are now on average 60 calories less than their traditional meals. As to why restaurants are just now deciding to dish out healthier fare may have something to do with a pending requirement of the Affordable Care Act which will require all chain restaurants to list the calorie count next to the menu item.

Sara Bleich, associate professor of health policy at Johns Hopkins and lead author of the study, explains how the lower calories in restaurants has everything to do with the upcoming requirements. Bleich says, “Restaurants know what's coming. Restaurants know when the calories get posted, there will be a lot of calorie shock among consumers. So, they're trying to respond early.”

Some of the restaurants studied were infamous for high calorie menu options like McDonalds, Starbucks, Applebee's and Panera. What the study found was these chain restaurants have now dialed back on newer items with 12% fewer calories (roughly 60 fewer calories per item) than their traditional foods. It may not sound like a significant calorie decrease to some, but 60 calories can actually make a difference when dining out. Bleich explains that comsuming just 165 more calories per day can make the difference of whether a child suffers obesity or not. She says of the new meal options at restaurants, “the impact on obesity could be significant.”

What do you think about chain restaurants that have begun offering menu items lower in calories?

Do you think seeing the calorie count next to the menu option has an impact on how you order when dining out?


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lbjones89 by lbjones89 | PETERSBURG, VA
Jan 24, 2015

its a good idea because now you dont have to guess which foods you can have

kswo6992 by kswo6992 | Scottdale, PA
Oct 20, 2014

When (and if) restaraunts are required to post the calorie count on all their items, they're in BIG trouble! I previously worked at Buffalo Wild Wings and they printed all new menus two years ago to show calories for all items. Some customers would order nothing but a side of celery and carrots after seeing the numbers attached to their favorite meals. It caused the company's sales to plummet for a short amount of time. The old menus were redistributed only a few weeks later. Fast food restaraunts had better start losing calories in their customer favorites if they plan on continuing their popularity and success! By finding healthier, less caloric menu items, I think they will. This is a great step forward for them!

OhSheGotCakez by OhSheGotCakez | LORAIN, OH
Oct 17, 2014

I think its a wonderful idea! I try to cook healthy as much as possible, but sometimes i dont always have the time... or the money. Clean eating is slightly expensive eating, so ill admit sometimes i cut corners. Many people, including myself, go to fast food restaurants because its more convenient.. and i think its a good that the places we love to frequent will not only be convenient but healthier, too. The calorie count doesnt ALWAYS have an impact. Somedays i just feel like "ehhh, screw it!! You only have one it!" But somedays its like "I only have one body...take care of it!" It really depends on my mood lol