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  • stylinstar53 By  stylinstar53    

    Gentle, nourishing and easy to find in stores, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser truly lives up to its name and provides my skin with a smooth feel on my skin without a hint of residue! Given my skin is generally sensitive, Cetaphil Cleanser is non-irritating and ensures I am achieving skin that is free of dirt, oil and grime without causing any discomfort or redness. It's been to my go-to brand for a number of years and I plan to keep it that way!

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  • AFBeauty By  AFBeauty    

    As an esthetician I have never been a fan of this cleanser. Unfortunately it will not remove all your makeup.

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  • Busybody22 By  Busybody22    

    Great cleanser

    CETAPHIL I have sensitive skin and mild acne and it doesn?t agitate my skin at all, and in fact it has really helped a lot in healing it, and, keeping it under control. I wash my face twice a day, and most cleansers make my skin so dry and tight, but this cleanser always leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized! So much so, that I rarely have to use any actual moisturizer! In addition, It cleanses deeply, for such a gentle and silky formula, but it doesn?t strip your skin, or your acid mantle/skin barrier. It helps with my breakouts, which are due to my skin condition, and it?s just a great cleanser! My cheeks and the outer parts of my face are really dry while my nose, forehead, and chin are more on the oily side. It does a really good job at balancing the oil on my skin so my T zone doesn't feel oily while my cheeks feel nourished. . I also appreciate that it is fragrance free because my skin can sometimes react and get irritated when using products that are heavily scented or have fragrance. I highly recommend this for people who have sensitive, oily, dry, or combination skin 

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    I'm a Cetaphil believer! I love the way my face feels after I use it . It's clean feeling!! Can't beat it. I use alot of differect cleaners. Because I love trying new stuff. However Cetaphil does the job totally. Thanks Cetaphil for staying the same!!

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  • amsweeney By  amsweeney    


    Love! I use this everyday in the shower when I want to get all the dirt off my face. It really works and I truly feel my skin become cleaner.

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  • edesie By  edesie    

    I have sensitive/ acne prone skin. Cetaphil's consistency reminds me of oil well of course it's not oil(its not soapy). I had an allergic reaction to this product and my skin peels all the way it feels as if it's burning especially at night (with redness) . I was curious it this product would work for me since most people with sensitive skin use this type of cleanser claiming that it is hypoallergenic. So I visited my dermatologist and she said that I got seborrheic dermatitis and she gave me creams and stuff. After that I never want to use cetaphil again I even felt frustrated sometimes whenever I see it in a grocery store, not gonna buy again. DISCLAIMER: I am not saying that if I had an allegic reaction to this product you will also have the same. I think this just depends on how products react to our skin so I'm just sharing my own experience about it :)

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  • denovot By  denovot    

    pH is too high!

    This cleanser IS gentle, I'll give them that. However it has a pH that is way too high and it totally screws up the pH balance of your face, which come with a slew of problems. I think it is quite irresponsible of them not to adjust the pH now that the effects of disturbing the balance are well proven.

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  • elizaleona By  elizaleona    

    I have acne prone, combination skin, and Cetaphil definitely works for me. It doesn?t aggravate my breakouts or cause more, doesn?t dry out my skin like so many cleansers do, and it both easy to find and affordable.

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  • beherenow524 By  beherenow524    

    A light cleaner; does not dry out the skin. Did not really help with my breakouts though.

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  • MsNVet By  MsNVet    

    Bought a trial size on recent trip used it as facial cleanser. Really creamy unscented with a little lather. Skin felt soft and clean after. No extra moisture needed.

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  • Nydrom1984 By  Nydrom1984    

    Very gentle on skin, not harmful or irritating. Will take off make up and oil.

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  • thegiftofgab By  thegiftofgab    

    What a wonderful, easy to use cleanser. I like to let it soak up in my skin, before applying any water with my cleansing brush. It doesn't lather much, but this way you'll feel the product working better. My skin has never looked better!

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  • Rileylam09 By  Rileylam09    

    I used this on my son's skin due to exzema when he was a baby. I guess it worked. His skin cleared up but I never felt like he was actually getting clean. It has no smell and is a weird consistency. His exzema definitley went away though. I've also used it to take off my makeup, which it does great. I would recommend for sensitive skin people for sure.

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  • arwenvevenstar By  arwenvevenstar    

    This is great for this with acne concerns! I used to use it all the time, and it left my skin feeling fresh and smooth!

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  • Jennifer9 By  Jennifer9    

    Good for sensitive skin but it doesn't really do anything.

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