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Cesar Bistro

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My dog loves every flavor of this dog food. He has never turned away from this food. He is picky about some things but really loves this stuff.

My little guy loves Ceasers prepared meals. If he could he would have one for each meal. The price could add up so we opted that he has one for diner only. The quality of the food is great and if it is healthy for him and he loves it we will continue to purchase. He is a big fan of the grilled chicken primavera.

My dog likes these a lot, but they're too expensive to buy regularly, so it's just an occasional treat.

Though expensive for the amount you get, this is the ONLY dog food my picky Yorkie will eat! I think the fact it looks like "people food" and doesn't smell like it's from a can helps make it appetizing. I tried dozens of food and this is the only one she loves! To see my picky yorkie happy and eating is worth the price!

My dog is very big (94 lbs). He is part retriever and part hungarian hunter, but he loves these entrees in his Kong chew toy.

My baby is very particular about his food and Cesar is one of the 2 canned foods he will heat. He really seems to enjoy the Bistro flavors. One thing I like about it, is that it doesn't smell like "dog food". It also looks very appetizing and has bits of vegetables and pasta.

My two dogs love these. The Bistro costs more than the regular Cesar. There are usually coupons in the newspaper. I like their web site also.

My dogs are food snobs lol but they love thos

I know this is higher than most wet dog food, but to me the little extra cost is well worth the quality that my dogs are getting each day from it.. They absolutely love Cesars!

My dog likes them all....but the cost is very high. I purchased when they were on-sale and I had several coupons. Otherwise, I'll stick to larger cans of wet dog food to mix with the dry kibble.

mine is 1.09

Cesar Bistro Entrees (3.5 oz tray) cost about a dollar a piece and come in five flavors; steak florentine, grilled chicken primavera, tuscan style stew with beef, steak tips sonoma style and oven roasted beef burgundy. I bought two entrees a couple of days ago and was surprised by how good the food looked and smelled after pulling back the foil. There were big strips of meet, rice and veggies. After placing it in my dogs bowl I could tell he was a fan. Further information: crude protien is a min of 8%, crude fat is a min of 4%, crude fiber is a max of 1.5% and moisture is a max of 82%. Important to note that this food should only be fed to adult dogs.