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About the Program:

SheSpeaks has teamed up with SC Johnson, A Family Company, to bring you premier access to The online destination is an oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation - where you'll learn how to de-stress and balance your daily life. As a Cerra™ blogger, you are getting advance access to the program as well as gifts from Cerra™, in addition to the program kit.

We're also hosting a #SSCerra Twitter Party to help our members get acquainted with and how it can help, and would love for you to help us get the word out and join us!

Mark Your Calendar:

When: October 5th @ 8pm EST
TweetGrid Dashboard: Coming soon!
Follow: #SSCerra and @shespeaksup

About Cerra™:

  1. Cerra™ - All References to the brand should be trademarked
  2. Cerra™ should not be referred to as a person or a company, consider phrases like: the Cerra™ experience, Cerra™ journey, Cerra™ practices, Cerra™ Moments, Cerra™ Rituals, Cerra™ Life, Cerra™ products, Cerra™ Community
  3. Always use the complete trademarked phrase "Be Aware ~ Act ~ Reflect™"
  4. Refer to the SheSpeaks program as "Cerra Be Aware, Act, Reflect™"
  5. For more information please visit

Brand Considerations:

Aside from the usage on packaging, always use initial caps for the following:

  • Moments, Rituals, and Life
  • Intention
  • Intention Names: Grounded, Creative Energy, Gratitude, Loving Kindness, Courage, Wisdom, Inspiration
  • Key Ingredients in the Intention Fragrances (NO other ingredients should be capitalized)
    • Grounded: Patchouli and Ylang Ylang
    • Creative Energy: Cardamon and Juniper Berry
    • Gratitude: Bergamot and Balsam Oil
    • Loving Kindness: Lavender and Cinnamon Bark
    • Courage: Basil, Thyme, and Eucalyptus
    • Wisdom: Lavender, Geranium, and Clary Sage
    • Inspiration: Jasmine and Ylang Ylang

Brand Considerations When Referring to your SheSpeaks Program Kit:

  • Three Tea Bags in Grounded, Creative Energy and Gratitude varieties
  • Creative Energy Sensory Oil
  • Dissolving Notes and Pen
  • Sample Sized Lotion
  • Gratitude Keepsake Notes
  • Cerra™ calling cards you may share with friends and family
  • An informative Cerra™ Booklet and Journal

How to Disclose the SheSpeaks Relationship:

  1. Blogging: Please mention SheSpeaks in your post with a link to the SheSpeaks Cerra™ Site
  2. Twitter: Please mention @shespeaksup and use the #SSCerra hashtag
  3. Badges: Include the badge below within your blog post or on your blog. Share your blog link with us by emailing it to

Cerra Blogger Badge