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  • misty102 By  misty102    

    I love the flavor of this wonderful teas they have a very smooth flavor and taste to them very good.

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  • ashikaseverin By  ashikaseverin     SheSpeaks Tester

    Pleasantly surprised by the teas. Lovely presentation and very flavorful.

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  • cmull328 By  cmull328     SheSpeaks Tester

    Very flavorful. I really enjoyed the teas and will be buying them again.

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  • jennicee By  jennicee     SheSpeaks Tester

    I really enjoyed all the teas. The had a nice smooth taste and were very relaxing.

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  • ICanSpeak By  ICanSpeak     SheSpeaks Tester

    Wonderfully soothing for the throat!

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  • nico2317 By  nico2317     SheSpeaks Tester

    I love this

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  • TNicole By  TNicole     SheSpeaks Tester

    These were surprisingly nice! They weren't the highest end teas, and I don't thikn I's purchase again, but were a nice treat. Steeped simply and sipped smoothly and relaxing.

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  • gabjen2g By  gabjen2g     SheSpeaks Tester

    i like the teas i tried them all. they each have a unique flavor. the fragrance they give as they are brewing is soothing. the taste is not something i ever had before. it gives a calming effect and relaxation. its definitely a destresser.

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  • tinashckly By  tinashckly     SheSpeaks Tester

    I loved the Tea...I was actually plesantly surprised!

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  • akcornell By  akcornell     SheSpeaks Tester

    I love the flavored teas. I wish that they mentioned on the package whether or not they had caffeine. I finally remembered to bring one to work, but before was nervous to have one at home for fear of being up all night!

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  • njf288 By  njf288     SheSpeaks Tester

    I got the tea and didn't think much of it until I tried it I have to say it was very pleasant tasting and relaxing. I thoroughly enjoyed drinking it . I love tea and this one did not fail it exceeded. Very warming, calming and relax.

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  • Nephthys By  Nephthys     SheSpeaks Tester

    The teas were all very delicious and soothing! I shared some with my husband as well and he said it was his favorite! So I can't wait to buy some for him for the holidays.

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  • vintagepurple By  vintagepurple     SheSpeaks Tester

    i was sorta off put by the smell but them when i got to taisting them they were actually pretty good, way better then earl gray,

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  • llapham By  llapham     SheSpeaks Tester

    I really enjoyed trying the Grounded, Creative Energy and Gratitude teas. It's hard to say which one I liked the best because I liked all of them. I like the names of the teas, they are very relaxing and inspiring.

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  • bwinters61 By  bwinters61     SheSpeaks Tester

    Recently I have become crazed over hot tea and these did not disappoint.

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