Cerra Sensory Oil- Creative Energy

Cerra Sensory Oil- Creative Energy

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Great product

I like the size and presentation of the sensory oil but once again I am disappointed in the use of synthetic ingredients.

Awesome product..Lasts forever..part of my daily after work routine to relax me and transition to my home life..TY for letting try this product.

Love it

I have been using this as a perfume for the past month. It smells divine and is a quick pick-me-up around 4pm when I start to get tired.

Smells great!!!!!! The roll on aspect of it is easy and nice.. Honestly I started bringing it to work when I felt a need for a mind boost, and the smell helped stimulate my abilities.

I liked it but my husband asked me to take another shower because it was giving him a headache....end of story. :(

This smelled awful and way too strong - Worst of all, it didn't smell natural at all. I found it upsetting that Cerra would use chemical fragrances instead of natural essential oils. Synthetic fragrances are connected to asthma and allergies and they cause me migraines, so this lotion was useless to me and the inclusion of synthetic fragrance made me not take Cerra's mission or image as seriously.

subtle frangrance meant to take away stress and leave me in a a better place...it definetly did the job.

I loved it! was very soothing

I love the cerra oil. It is refreshing without being overwhelming. I lift my wrist up periodically throughout the day to remind myself to relax and reflect!

Theproduc thad a relaxing pleasant scent.

This was my favorite part of the program kit. My husband LOVED the smell and I felt good wearing it just because of that! The smell wasn't too strong and I liked that it was applied with a roller ball so I could apply exactly where I wanted without have to inhale a spray or get anything on my hands.

Wonderful little product. Since it is in a roll on applicator, the chance for drips or spills is almost nill to none. The oil is very light and melts extremely fast so there is no greasy reside left.

I like oils but haven't had a chance to use these yet-not sure again how to use them.