Cerra Keepsake Notes (Gratitude Fragrance)

Cerra Keepsake Notes (Gratitude Fragrance)

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I love it !

I like the concept but that odd scent of the kit that seems to linger on your hands is really a turn off.

I had a n issue with the smell. It just overpowered everything, and wasn't effictive in the relaxing theme

They are beautiful, and I felt so richly gifted when I received the whole pack (box of items). These were very nice cards, and good to peak at but felt that it was using up good paper so thick and good quality it should not have been used for this.

I stuffed these in the summer clothes, blankets etc that I store and they make them come out smelling nice. I think they are very nice and you can find quite a few uses for them.

I enjoyed reading these individually. Then I placed each one in a drawer in my wardrobe to further enjoy the scent. They are good as drawer saschets.

I thought the scent was pleasant but overall dont see myself using them

The smell of the package was overwhelming. I didn't realize it was these cards. Because the whole package had such a strong smell, I frankly didn't spend much time looking at the cards. They are a nice concept, though seem to be overkill on paper/printing for such a basic concept. While I love paper/stationery products, as an environmentalist, I think less is more and try to minimize these days.

I actually threw them away because I thought they were pointless and I would never read them again if I did write something on them.

Nice thoughts on the cards but, once again, the scent is absolutely overwhelming. I want to like it, but I just can't get around the headaches the scents that Cerra uses give me.

Not like it the smell was not good.

I could not get past the smell and had to toss these in the garbage. I felt badly doing that, but the smell was overpowering and made it hard to breath.

Loe the smell......I am hooked

I love all the scent cards but boy are they strong. I can smell them all over my house. I put one in my linen closet, laundry room and here and there, even put one in my car. My daughter put one in her backpack, her friends love the smells she switches them up and picks different ones right now she likes "loving kindndnes".

Loved them...keep them on my nightstand...great fragrance!! Will definitely get some for gifts!!