Cerra Dissolving Notes Set

Cerra Dissolving Notes Set

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i like watching my stresses and the people that get me angry just melt away it was a sign of relief. made me feel good

I like the dissolving notes, they were a lot of fun.

I used these for my young niece who is going through the lovely traumas of pre-teen hood. She has used them and they seem to help her let go of all the trauma's a young girl has to endure. Hope I can get more when she actually needs them..LOL.

As an adult, I wasn't too impressed. However, with my little girls...they were a big hit!

They were nice but I really had no use for them. I think its a cool freebie gift idea but would not pay for them.

I putthese out an the table at Ladies Night at my house and it was a big hit. I know of at least two people that wanted to buy the product!

Cute idea, my 8 year old daughter loved them. I however I did not personally did not try them. Just didn't have the time.

These dissolving notes are awesome! I plan on ordering them for some of my girl friends for Christmas. I loved the concept of each theme. Mine came at a perfect time and it really helped me reflect on what I was dealing with.

Never did try them as I thought it was kinda silly.

My kids had a lot of fun watching their troubles "melt" away.

I've always been one to write things that are bothering me on a piece of paper and burn them. This made it easier (and much safer!) as the notes dissolved. It was like watching my worries melt away....

I think these are a cool idea

These were my favorite! Very fun to use and it is something different.

Wasn't something I enjoyed, so I let my daughter use them. She liked them a lot!

It seemed strange at first, writing a note and dissolving it. But in a way, it was indeed therapeutic to wash my troubles down the drain!