Cerra  Dissolving Notes

Cerra Dissolving Notes

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I really liked the idea behind these notes...it was a fun way to "let it go" so to speak!

It was so therapeutic to write my stresses and worries and watch them dissolve away in the bathtub or a puddle in my driveway. What a beautiful idea! I envisioned my worries dissolving with the paper.

these notes are very neat, I do like that you can write something then just dissolve it away it's kinda like your own little secret, but I don't know about relieving my stress

I like the idea. I've always done something similar where I write my thought, person or whatever is stressing me that I want to let go of then burn it. Same idea, less smoke. I find it's most useful when I truly have the quiet time and space to honestly use the moment to reflect and to let go. The note provides the symbol but if I don't follow it with full intent then it can't really help by itself.

this was the thing i was most excited about becouse when i was young girl i used to wright negative feeling on not paper and burn it with a lighter to try and let go, so i thought this would be the same kinda thing, so i wrote a worry on the note and the note ripped and then it took along time to dissalve, i mean i know its just a simbol but seeing the distorted letter of a privete thought wasn't that great, and i don't if we all got the same smell but gratuity really stinks. pretty disapinted,


I like the concept but from a sensory standpoint I didn't really smell anything to relax me. I prefer prayer, or meditaion, or yoga etc. I do like the journel writing. As for the notes I think that the idea of symbolically letting go is nice. I taught my daughet when she was little to write her problem or worry down and crumble it up and throw it away. An eco friendly way is write it on edible rice paper and give to the birds. I just don't think I'd waste money on these dissolving notes..maybe the oils etc. I would though.

These were an interesting thought. I was able to write on them just fine and they completely disappeared in water. I have a lot of stress in my life and wish it was that easy to just make my worries and thoughts disappear. I can see that it might be therapudic for those moments when you know that you know you need to just 'calm down' before speaking out loud or where you are trying to learn new techniques for dealing with your feelings. Not sure that I would pay a lot of $$ for them though.

I shared these with a good friend who is currently going through chemotherapy; she's using the dissolving image for her tumors -- brilliant!

A cute idea for gifts but not really my thing

I just adore these notes, I think they are such a super idea !! A great gift also !! They are relaxing enough just thinking of what to write on them, and they smell so wonderful !! Love them so much !!

I like the idea of these dissolving notes, however, I didn't find that they were particulary good at relieving my stress.

Interesting idea. However, writing something down and letting it dissolve does not solve anything or make me feel better. I love yoga and meditating, but this is ridiculous. My friends and I did get a good laugh over them though, wishing it were that easy to deal with things.

I am giving this 2 stars because my kids had fun with dissolving the paper in water. I'm sorry, but if it were this easy to clear my mind, I wouldn't have spent 5 years and thousands of dollars on therapy. My husband and I actually shared quite a few jokes about this product. We're very open-minded, but this product is just not for me, a person firmly grounded in reality and reason. My flakey sister, on the other hand, loved the idea when I told her about it, so there ya go. To each their own.

Simple and symbolic tool to release negative energy.