Cerra Booklet & Journal

Cerra Booklet & Journal

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Very informative. Lays everything out nicely. The booklet and the whole kit had an odd woodsy/earthy scent that I found off putting however.

Loved the idea....

The booklet was very informative and I enjoyed reading through it on my free time. I haven't used to the journal but I intend to when I have the time.

A great opportunity to jot down my daily thoughts and feelings, very handy!

i loved it!


I loved the journel and booklet, I just wish it was a little longer. I like the explanation of the 7 intentions and try to use them each day.

Very easy to read. I like that they took the time to explain how the program and items are supposed to work and be used. I think the journal could have been a little bit bigger and with more pages.

I love the Cerra booklet and journal. It is very well written and easy to understand. The explanantions of the 7 intentions the program is based on is very detailed and informative.

I am enjoying the informative Cerra booklet and journal that came in my program kit. It is nice to READ about everything and understand the thought process behind the Cerra mentality. I haven't tried the journaling part yet but I can't wait till i do!