Cerave  Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM

Cerave Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM

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I wanted to love this so bad because of the simple, non-irritating ingredients and drugstore price point, however I am disappointed. It balls up on my face when I apply makeup and when I'm not wearing makeup my skin looks oily and it feels like there is a film on my face. I wanted this to be my go-to AM moisturizer, but unfortunately I will have to keep looking. I love CereVe as a brand, but this was not for me. I gave it two stars because of the good ingredients and high rating on Beautypedia. I saw a lot of positive reviews but wish I would have seen the ones that talk about how it wears under makeup, because I wouldn't have bought it if I knew. I will however keep using the PM moisturizer as I enjoy it very much.

Love this stuff! Very moisturizing, and I really need SPF!

I seriously trust anything Cerave puts out. I have been using their am lotion for a year now and love that it's gentle enough for my eczema without costing a fortune...my only wish is that it would be paraben-free!

Wooh child-this is my favorite moisturizer to date!Is not greasy,hasn't left residue on my face provides SPF protection and is on the less expensive side of the SPF Moisturizers scale.

This is the greatest moisturizer ever, in one word, perfect. Nothing else works so in sync with my sensitive ski, and after I use it I feel great! Its great all year round, thanks to the spf 15 feature. The pump gives you just the right amount you need, and its not too oily or too dry, but, just right! 5 out if 5, love it!

AMAZING!! I have cystic acne and have spent a fortune on trying products that I hoped would work for me just to have worse acne problems. The CeraVe AM and PM moisturizing lotions are wonderful and absorb very nicely into my skin, doesn't look oily, and definitely helps with my acne problems! I even use the foaming cleanser and love it as well as the hydrating cleanser! Great products!

I love the CeraVe products. I get mine from Ulta usually because I typically get it cheaper there, after coupons. It's extremely moisturizing and it doesn' seem to fade and make me feel dry later in the day. Going back to price, it's a little north of $10, but it's a pretty good size, and worth it.

Helps my boyfriend out tremendously when he actually uses it!

This stuff is really good for all skin types! Leaves skin feeling moisturized without the heavy feel!

I started using this line a little over a year ago and I am in love!!!!! I can honestly say this is the best stuff on the market for sensitive acne prone skin.....my skin has NEVER looked better. I am in my mid 30s and have still had issues with my skin. Since I have started using this entire product line I have never had better looking skin! I use the face wash, AM, and PM moisturizer! MUST TRY!!!

I love these products. They work good for sensitive skin. It's a gentle formula that cleans very good.

I love all of Cerave's products. The ingredients work and I love the sunscreen in the moisturizer. It's not too thick, it's just the right amount of moisturizer.

I have a very dry cheek and chin area, so regular/light moisturizers do not make the cut during the colder months. Cerave, with its special formula penetrates deep into my skin and keeps its moisturized and soft all day long. I work outside in all conditions and have yet to have it fail me. The extra 30 SPF gives me peace of mind sun protection.