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  • theresap_ By  theresap_    

    Great moisturizer!

    I love the Cerave moisturizing lotion as it does work with my skin! It does not feel heavy on my skin. The lotion does dry quick and keeps my face moisturized.

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  • hope500 By  hope500    

    works great

    This is a really great moisturizing lotion. It made my skin very smooth. it is the perfect answer to my dry skin

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  • KnotNerdy By  KnotNerdy    

    Great lotion

    the lotion keeps my hands soft with all the hand washing from my work. it does not contain any propylene glycol and it absorbs quickly without greasy feeling. love this brand . It was recommended to me by my dermatologist.

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  • Aevalh By  Aevalh    

    I received a sample of a cleanser & lotion. They are both very nice. I had heard about this brand from a fellow Utuber and was excited to try it. I do recommend it. The cleanser does a good job of cleaning. The lotion smooths the skin very nicely.

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  • Karencitas By  Karencitas    

    I bought this lotion originally for my body. Loved it. Then I bought the Cereve face lotion (one for pm and one for am). Neither of those knocked my socks off. After I finished the lost drop of my Mario Badescu facial lotion...and not being in love with it anymore, I tried this Cerave lotion on my face. Initially I was worried that it might cause break-outs...but so far, so good. (My skin is dry with occasional break outs). I am very happy with this lotion and its price tag. I will have to have a good reason to try something new.

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  • teefany1 By  teefany1    

    Makes my skin so soft! Not greasy at all and absorbs very quickly!

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  • oregon By  oregon    

    this is a terrific moisturizer, recommended by my dermatologist. It's not greasy, absorbs easily and leaves your skin smooth. I have dry skin and it's a perfect solution.

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  • jessbc By  jessbc    

    does great at moisturizing

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  • sginsd87 By  sginsd87    

    its great because it works on all skin types...my sister has acne and her doctor recommended this lotion and I've been using it ever since too...

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  • shalunya By  shalunya    

    I love the formula of this lotion. Cerave has been my go-to face moisturizer for years. It's a great moisturizer with great hydrating ingredients which keeps my skin looking young and healthy.

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  • AshleyP75 By  AshleyP75    

    Love this stuff!! So good for all skin types!!

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  • alwaysblabbing By  alwaysblabbing    

    I love CeraVe lotion. It's not greasy and it leaves your skin very soft. This is the only lotion that I can use that doesn't irritate my eczame. I have told numerous people about this lotion.

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  • sevenstorms By  sevenstorms    

    I've tried a ton of different moisturizers, and nothing has ever knocked my socks off except this. I have very dry skin and my winters are usually spent battling dry patches. I've been using Cerave for about a month and my skin is smooth and moisturized...in the winter. I have a dewy smooth look after applying my foundation instead of a dry patchwork with makeup stuck to the dry spots. Yay! I was very skeptical after reading about this on some of the beauty forums, and even after using it for the first time. It absorbs very quickly and completely - which was very different from the heavy high end moisturizers I have used over the years. But, after consistent use, I have seen a major difference and not a single dry patch! I also have had NO problems with clogged pores or millia as I have with other heavier moisturizers. Cerave is skin-smoothing and moisturizing for me. It contains both ceramides and hyaluronic acid. I have used Philosophy Hope in a Jar, Clinique Dramatically Different, Fresh Black Tea Cream, Aveeno moisturizers, Lancome Moisturizers, Credentials 02 Day + Night, Neutrogena Healthyskin, Ponds Dry Skin Cream, and for me, Cerave has outperformed them all and at a competitive price to boot. Win-win for me!!

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