Cellphone  Postcards

Cellphone Postcards

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"Turn your cell phone and digital pictures into real postcards and have them sent to friends and family anywhere in the world". I got a campaign for these through BzzAgent, and you can get 10 free postcards from cellphonepostcards.com. I tried it, and the postcards look really sharp and clear! You don't have to send cellphone photos, as the name implies. It's very easy to make the postcards, and I was very happy with the way they turned out! Everyone that received one commented on how nice they were! After the 10 free cards, I think they're only $0.99 each, which is very reasonable for the quality!

I am a Bzz Agent and was selected to receive 10 free Cellphone Postcards. This is a new product that allows you to take pictures with your cell phone and turn that picture into a postcard that you can send to anyone you choose. This is a great new product that could be used for so many different occassions. The price is incredibly cheap considering you do not pay postage. The cost to you is ONLY $.99 per postcard. What an amazing deal!! I have used all 10 of my free postcards and will continue to purchase them.

I received a 10-card free trial at Cellphone Postcards. Though I'm a BzzAgent, I signed up for this trial on my own. Go to cellphonepostcards.com to get your own 10-Card free trial! Keep in mind that you do not need to do this through a cell phone. My phone doesn't have photo capabilities, but I was able to sign in, put some names in my address book, and upload the photos very easily on my home computer. Once you get some names in your address book, this just gets easier and easier. Your friend or loved one receives an actual postcard in the mail. For 99 cents, you can make someone's day by sending them a 4x6 glossy postcard. They print the card, print your message, address the card, and mail it for you. Yes, we're moving to the digital age, but is there anyone out there who doesn't love getting mail when it's not a bill? I Love, Love, Love this idea and will continue to use this service. My 10 free cards are long gone.

I'm a Bzz agent and have been given the opportunity to try Cellphone Postcards! Send 10 Cellphone Postcards right now for free. Even includes the postage! Upload photo from your cellphone or the web, add an address, right a short message and thats all there is to it! Postage is even included! Should you decide you like Cellphone postcards, they only cost 99 cents each after the first 10 you sent! You'll want to bookmark this site for sure. Since I've sent out 10, I've recieved almost 40 cards from friends and family that just wanted to say thank you for the card I sent them and then they then sent me a few more photo postcards. It's so kewl! A fun way to stay in touch, and much more personal than sending an e-card! Below is a photo I sent out at Christmas!