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  • Mommylovesdiscounts By  Mommylovesdiscounts    

    My favorite

    Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time tea has been a staple in my bedtime routine for years. This tea has an amazing flavor. It has a calming effect on the body that helps me get to sleep. I love this tea!

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  • SheilaMichelle By  SheilaMichelle    

    Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime is actually my favorite herbal tea. I first tried it when I was pregnant with my 2nd child, and had trouble falling asleep at night. I sipped a cup or two about an hour before bed, and it really did help me sleep better. It even helped calm my nighttime nausea. I really love the taste of it, too.

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  • etrac3y By  etrac3y    

    Does the job

    This actually works. It really does help me get to sleep at night. Has a great flavor too.

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  • MaryZea By  MaryZea    

    Relaxing soft flowery aroma

    I have been drinking Sleepytime Tea since around 1979. I love the relaxing soft flowery aroma. This product really does have a calming effect or just enjoy it on a cold snowy day with a good book.

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  • Lishgal06 By  Lishgal06    


    I love their teas! Especially their sleepytime varieties. They help me relax so much and fall to sleep easier. Hands down best sleep tea!

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  • Rockella By  Rockella    

    Good tea for relaxation and easing your body down to get you a good rest.....

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  • OkieDokieMama87 By  OkieDokieMama87    

    While this isn't going to knock you out like a Benadryl and melatonin cocktail it tastes yummy and the process of drinking a nice warm cup of tea is relaxing and therapeutic in itself. We love refrigerator at our house!

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  • tarakitten By  tarakitten    

    My mother used to give me this tea before bed as a kid hoping it would make me sleep, it didn't. It just tasted gross and made me nauseous.

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  • mordor By  mordor    

    Perfect tea to wind you down for the night. Its especially good for sore throats.

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    They are amazing and soothing. I'll make myself and my husband a cup before going to bed after a long day.

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  • LindsCarp By  LindsCarp    

    Very relaxing tea. Its the only one I can drink at night.

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  • fmbutler By  fmbutler    

    I really like this tea. I drink it whenever I feel a little wound up and need to relax. I especially like to take it with me camping to warm up and relax before bed.

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  • superstar17at By  superstar17at    

    I drink this all the time before bed it has a great taste it helps relax and not a bad price either.

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  • ezgoingmom By  ezgoingmom    

    Oh my sleepy time tea is the best ! It is so night to sit and relax on a rainy night with a blanket on . It make you just feel relaxed and warm

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  • birdwhisperer By  birdwhisperer    

    My husband and I love this tea! It is a trusted brand and we really love the flavor of Sleepytime!

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