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Going Makeup-Free: Celebs Bare Blemishes and All

Going Makeup-Free: Celebs Bare Blemishes and All

As a society of women that are fairly dependent on cosmetics to hide blemishes and imperfections, it is not surprising that the public finds photos of celebs without makeup so shocking. These days with the high speed media virtually at everyone’s fingertips the, celebs don’t know when photos or videos will be uploaded onto the internet for all to see. Walking a dog or buying groceries probably means applying a good deal of beauty products before leaving the house.

But for some celebs, wearing makeup 24/7 may be a thing of the past. CNN reports about a recent trend of celebs turning to their Twitter feeds to release makeup-less photos of themselves. It may be a way to say “I don’t care” to the prying eyes of the public or a just a way to beat the press to the chase, whatever the case many find it refreshing to see these women sporting the natural look.

After 90210 actress, AnnaLynne McCord, was photographed wearing no makeup and bashed in the media for having blemishes, she retaliated by posting an even clearer photo of herself sans makeup just after waking up. McCord explains how the media reaction angered her and why she chose to post a pic to her Twitter feed. McCord says, “I wake up and I go to work and I have a whole makeup and hair team make me up the way people usually see me. I'm like a little doll. ... I don't try, in my personal life, to live up to that. ... I'm very au naturel. I like to let my hair down. Let my skin breathe.”

Other celebs like Bethenny Frankel, Demi Lovato and Jennifer Love Hewitt and have jumped onto to the makeup-less trend and tweeted their own natural photos. In the past both Oprah Winfrey and Diane Sawyer famously revealed their natural looks to the cameras. Only time will tell if this trend will really take off and we start seeing more women on the street who have left the lipstick behind.

What do you think celebs like AnnaLynne McCord who have chosen to reveal themselves without makeup?

Do you think this will inspire more women to go without makeup every once in a while?

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  • Erzse01 By Erzse01

    Good for these brave women to show their natural beauty!

  • jen_slavick By jen_slavick

    I think this is great! Girls need to learn that celebrities have imperfections as well, and that underneath all of theat professionaly-done makeup, they look just like a normal person!

  • christinlilly By christinlilly

    I love going au naturel!! I will occasionally wear blush/bronzer and for real "fancy" events, eyeliner. I can't stand spending the time or money to cover my face and I am soooo not girly enough to even know how to apply it right anyways. I wish more women would or at least wear more natural looking makeup. I dislike 'cakey' makeup. I get how some women like to "paint the barn" but lets face still have to be able to tell it's a "barn" when you're done!!! HA HA That being said, if I ever got to walk a red carpet event, I am sure I would wear makeup. Just like on stage, the lights make you look bad if you don't!

  • sharman421 By sharman421

    Great for up and coming young women to see. Pre-teens and teens try constantly to live up to these false images of air-brushed beauties. It's time to realize actors and models are regular people, warts and all. It's their talent that is important, not the fact that a few zits pop up every month.

  • 20122012 By 20122012

    i love strong women.more power to all strong women.

  • vowelbaby By vowelbaby

    I love the idea of all natural, we as parents should set this good example for our daughters so they do not feel they have to have make up to be beautiful!!!!!

  • skaulitz By skaulitz

    I think it's awesome that they are going without makeup. It just stinks that the media brings negative attention to it. Young girls need to see this as a good thing. They too often see the perfect celebreties and get discouraged because they aren't like that. Teen years are hard enough without the added pressure of looking like celebs.

  • cardreader By cardreader

    Just maybe some young woman will see that she fits in some places.

  • Hiiyooitscat By Hiiyooitscat

    I think its great. This is great for young girls that look up to these celebrities. Girls and women in general should feel comfortable in their natural skin.. and if more celebrities did this more often I think that more people would feel comfortable as well.

  • threeheartsrsh By threeheartsrsh

    I love this. I (because of allergies) gave up make up more than 30 years ago. Even the so called 'hypoallergenic' make up reacts on me. I love that celebrities are saying enough. I love that they have the courage to stand up to the press and let us see them as they really look. Could it be that they are following Oprah's example. She came on her show without makeup and talked about her weight, honestly. She told her audience/fans the truth and showed them the truth. Everyone, from young girls to adult women, can learn from these women.

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