Celebrity News That Never Sleeps

   By drodriguez  Feb 15, 2009

Killing a little free time at home or work has become a lot easier since the celebrity gossip blog has found large audiences on the internet.  Websites like TMZ.com, PerezHilton.com, and DListed.com are being frequented at enormous and growing rates.  On these sites, you can find out anything from the most mundane detail of a celebrity's life (Britney Spears just purchased her second latte of the day) to some pretty embarrassing stuff like celebrity DUI arrests and club brawls.  There are even websites out there dedicated solely to the children of celebrities like Babyrazzi.com.

It comes as no surprise that celebrity gossip sites have such a large and growing following.  Many people are saving money by doing without their celebrity magazines. The New York Times reported that big name magazines like In Touch Weekly and Life & Style Weekly have lost readership by almost 30 percent.  This in itself is evidence that people are turning to the internet for their celebrity sightings and news.  For one thing, these sites are free.  Another big draw is the fact that they are updated multiple times an hour.  Whereas with a magazine, you may have to wait an entire week to find out that Brad and Angelina are having yet another baby.

After reading the comment section from a lot of these celebrity blogs it is obvious to see that the readers often disagree with the way a lot of stories are reported.  Some feel the writer has crossed the line or made unnecessary offensive remarks toward an individual.  After all, celebrities are human right?

A recent article from USA Today reports about the recent "public shaming" that a lot of magazines and celebrity blogs have put Jessica Simpson through recently.  The photograph featured here is from PerezHilton.com which was taken from one article on the website among many which ridiculed her for gaining weight.  The signature Perez Hilton style of drawing over photographs to point out physical flaws in celebrities is offensive to some while others find it lighthearted and funny.

Psychology professor at Saint Michael's College in Vermont and co-author of Packaging Girlhood: Rescuing Our Daughters From Marketers' Schemes, Sharon Lamb, told USA Today that these kind of stories referring to Jessica Simpson as "fat" can take a toll on women everywhere.  Lamb said that according to these magazines and websites, "You are either too fat or too thin, but never just right."  This message can be very confusing and harmful to women, especially young women who are just becoming aware of body issues and self-image. 

Which websites do you turn to when you are in need of some entertaining celebrity news?

Do you feel that some of these sites cross the line when reporting about celebrities or is it all in good fun?



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aMUSEme by aMUSEme | Fort Worth, TX
Jun 03, 2009

They all cross the line, but unfortunately, our country doesn't want to admit that we like to gossip for entertainment. I have to say I am not that sorry for these celebrities, however. They know going in what they have to give up for their career. Just like I have to give up time with my family, friends, and hobbies to have my career, they know that they have to give up some of their privacy. There are those few celebrities who have figured it out, so it is possible to refrain from public scrutiny. But if you are going to act like an imbecile in public while you are staring at a slew of cameras, I have to say YOU'RE the problem . . . not these guys. And if #1 celebrities would show some responsibility and common sense or #2 America at large would stop clamoring to hear about how celebrities have no common sense, these guys wouldn't have a job.

divalove by divalove | Liverpool, NY
May 14, 2009

They are human being like us and they are not perfect. They struggle like everybody else, the only thing different is that they have millions of people watching them 24/7.

stargal by stargal | Blasdell, NY
May 08, 2009

I enjoy reading the celebrity blogs, but I do think the paparazzi is out of control now. I do like to see things like red carpet events and movie premieres more than the gossippy stories. Then you get all the celebrity glamour without feeling like you're intruding in their private lives.

therills by therills | GARLAND, TX
Mar 26, 2009

I read People from time to time, more for the 'real' people profiled. Outside of that, I don't pay much attention to celebrity gossip. I'll watch a legitimate celeb interview, but, the intentionally hurtful or slanderish stuff is not for me. I agree with CarlysMommy, it is ridiculous what the paparazzi will do to get a photo. Children and other family members should be off limits when a public figure makes the request, also.

lsippio by lsippio | Palo Alto, CA
Feb 26, 2009

I tend to be bombarded with gossip/drama in my own personal life with all my girlfriends. So, I tend to stay away from the sites and TV shows that tend to hurt people. Celebrities & Non - celebrities have it hard enough without everyone judging them on what's right & what's wrong. I live and let live...

CarlysMommy by CarlysMommy | Tallahassee, FL
Feb 26, 2009

I think it's ridiculous the way the paparazzi harrass and follow celebrities around just trying to get a bad picture. The paparazzi really crosses the line and the way they chase after some people sometimes endangers their lives. There are some celebrities that really do crave all that attention, but for others it's just a job and we should leave them alone when they really don't want to be bothered.

agaphmou by agaphmou | ASTORIA, NY
Feb 25, 2009

i loveeeeeeee watching tmz,celebrity gossip is awesome,not the mundane stuff but things like who got arrested and things like that.!

bkilgore by bkilgore | Williamsburg, VA
Feb 24, 2009

I don't usually look at at the websites, but every time i travel i like to get intouch and people, it's such good vacation reading! I know a lot of girlfriends that do that, i wonder if because people are traveling less they are buying less of these magazines?

preciousgem26 by preciousgem26 | Coldwater, MI
Feb 23, 2009

I do read these websites once in a while. I think sometimes they do go too far with their gossip but lets face it, celebrities are only celebrities because the public is interested in their every move. If they don't like the bad stuff then stop doing stupid things! 8-)

caramialovesjames by caramialovesjames | COLORADO SPGS, CO
Feb 22, 2009

I might turn to People magazine.... if I'm waiting for a dentist or doctor's appointment. Otherwise, I really have no use for celebrity gossip. I don't mean to sound harsh but there are some serious issues going on in the world today and who's wearing what, doing what with whom... is hardly news.

giene8074 by giene8074 | chatsworth, CA
Feb 21, 2009

I am very surprised that there is a website for celebrities's babies!!gossip is everywhere, I don't need to search online for gossip

jenlynn57 by jenlynn57 | Richmond, VA
Feb 21, 2009

I love perez hilton!! I'm a stay at home mom and it's just a fun, guilty pleasure to follow the celebrity dirt. It's a ginormous waste of my time, but fun just the same!

ctuck36 by ctuck36 | Dublin, VA
Feb 19, 2009

I don't keep up with these magazines or websites. They seem to have everything but are very unhappy... Too Sad!

southern_coder by southern_coder | HUNTSVILLE, AL
Feb 19, 2009

I really don't enjoy the magazines or the websites becuase it seems like they just like to say all the bad stuff about the famous people and never mention if they do anything good. Sometimes I like to see the dresses around the time they give out awards though.

sheri5302002 by sheri5302002 | Waxhaw, NC
Feb 18, 2009

While I love reading these mags, I do feel bad at times for the celebrities. I think it is too easy to forget that they are human and have the same feelings as us "non-celebrity folk". That being said, I am an enabler to this, since I buy many issues a month.