Celebrate Left Handed Day and Your Left Hander

   By dawniep  Aug 15, 2011

Did ya know that today is National Left Handed Day?  My daughter Victoria is left handed and even at just 11 years old she has had to face some obstacles.  Books and notebooks that are hard to use, scissors and belts can be frustrating.  But she is a very resilient child and has always been able to work it out.  My younger son DJ and my husband are both ambidextrous, which means they can write with both hands.  When DJ was in the 2nd grade his teacher demanded he decide on one hand to write with and stick with it, after trying the left for a while he finally decided to be right handed so he doesn't face the same problems.  

Roughly 7-10% off the population is left handed and they are most often males so Tori is really in the minority!  Here is a fact that she really hates, in the 1600's people thought that left handers were witches and warlocks!  Well thankfully that stigma is pretty much gone now but the obstacles are still there.  Getting past them is getting easier though and there are many famous left handed people.  Did ya know Barrack Obama and Oprah are left handers?  So was Albert Einstein and Bill Clinton!  There are even left handed sports stars and many music geniuses are left handed, like Jimi Hendrix and Paul McCartney. 

I know one thing, I love my left hander and I hope to make this world as easily accessable for her as it is for any right hander and yeah she may just be a little genius!lol

If you or someone you love is left handed, here are a variety of resources that could be a help:

*LeftHandersDay.com - find out more interesting facts and join the Left Handers Club for Free!

*LeftysCorner.com - find products designed with Lefties in mind!

*Handedness Research Institute - help with teaching a left hander to write

*LeftHandedChildren.org - help for school age left handers

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