Cats Stealing Dog Beds - Which Pets Are Really In Charge?

   By emimorgan  Oct 17, 2013

Check out the video below of cats stealing dog beds to see who gets the best seat in the house.

(Spoiler, we love the snuggles happening at minute 2:30!)

Who's in charge in your household? Does one of your pets rule the roost?

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beingstepmom by beingstepmom | BRENTWOOD, CA
Oct 17, 2013

too cute. our cat rules in our home! even over our two pitbulls!!

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Oct 17, 2013

The pecking order seems to change monthly. They understand the rhyme and reason and seem to get along. I've asked, but they don't tell me :L